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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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docs: added 4.17.3 release notes
r3819 |RCE| 4.17.3 |RNS|
Release Date
- 2019-07-25
New Features
- RSS: use permalinks without slashes for feeds. Fixes #5557. RSS feed will now use
links that won't change when a repository is renamed, and in addition they now have
better compatibility with Outlook.
- Pull Requests: make merge state calculation default to disabled.
This causes a lot of performance problems and should default to faster way
- Pull Requests: add indication of state change in list of pull-requests and actually
show them in the list. Before PRs that were in states like "merging" were hidden from
the PR list. Now we show them with grey-out display indicating PR is changing states.
- API: extended upload api to be able to upload files with ACL checks enabled
- Pull Requests: don't calculate merge state several times for repo on each pr display object state.
- Logging: http logging should limit the data to some sane amount.
In some cases we could log 100MBs into logs that weren't useful at all.
- config: fixed special character in gunicorn config that caused problems during installation.
- path-filter: enable checking for files access for quick search menu in files view.
- rcextensions: improved messaging on rcextensions load fail
- Repository permissions: enable shortcut to set private mode in permission page.
- UI: fixed style for ancestor commit. Fixes #5558
- Events: ensure stable execution of integrations (in order: global, per-group, per-repo)
- Settings: custom header/footer code message correction
- Artifacts: don't crash when metadata isn't complete. This can be a case for edited upload attachements
Upgrade notes
- Scheduled release addressing problems in 4.17.X releases.