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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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docs: added release notes for 4.22.0
r4521 |RCE| 4.22.0 |RNS|
Release Date
- 2020-10-12
New Features
- Reviewers: added observers as another role for reviewers.
Observers is a role that doesn't require voting, but still gets notified about
PR and should participate in review process.
- Issue trackers: implemented more sophisticated ticket data extraction based on
advanced regex module. This allows using ticket references without false positives
like catching ticket data in an URL.
- Channelstream: Notification about updates and comments now works via API, and both
Pull-requests and individual commits.
- Data tables: unified tables look for main pages of rhodecode repo pages.
- Users: autocomplete now sorts by matched username to show best matches first.
- Pull requests: only allow actual reviewers to leave status/votes in order to not
confuse others users about voting from people who aren't actual reviewers.
- Default reviewers: optimize diff data, and creation of PR with advanced default reviewers
- default-reviewers: diff data should load more things lazy for better performance.
- Pull requests: limit the amount of data saved in default reviewers data for better memory usage
- DB: don't use lazy loaders on PR related objects, to optimize memory usage on large
Pull requests with lots of comments, and commits.
- Quick search bar: fixes #5634, crash when search on non-ascii characters.
- Sidebar: few fixes for panel rendering of reviewers/observers for both commits and PRS.
Upgrade notes
- Scheduled feature release.