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release: Finish preparation for 4.25.2

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docs: document email integration
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Email integration
The email integration allows you to send the summary of repo pushes to a
list of email recipients in the format:
An example::
User: johndoe
Branches: default
Repository: http://rhodecode.company.com/repo
Commit: 8eab60a44a612e331edfcd59b8d96b2f6a935cd9
URL: http://rhodecode.company.com/repo/changeset/8eab60a44a612e331edfcd59b8d96b2f6a935cd9
Author: John Doe
Date: 2016-03-01 11:20:44
Commit Message:
fixed bug with thing
To create one, create a ``email`` integration in `creating-integrations`.