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pylons: remove core components out of setup.py
pylons: remove core components out of setup.py

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r2271:62aa75de stable
r2352:78acddb5 default
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Added tag v4.0.0 for changeset 1bd3e92b7e2e
r3 1bd3e92b7e2e2d2024152b34bb88dff1db544a71 v4.0.0
Added tag v4.0.1 for changeset 170c5398320e
r17 170c5398320ea6cddd50955e88d408794c21d43a v4.0.1
Added tag v4.1.0 for changeset c3fe200198f5
r170 c3fe200198f5aa34cf2e4066df2881a9cefe3704 v4.1.0
Added tag v4.1.1 for changeset 7fd5c850745e
r179 7fd5c850745e2ea821fb4406af5f4bff9b0a7526 v4.1.1
Added tag v4.1.2 for changeset 41c87da28a17
r186 41c87da28a179953df86061d817bc35533c66dd2 v4.1.2
Added tag v4.2.0 for changeset baaf9f5bcea3
r312 baaf9f5bcea3bae0ef12ae20c8b270482e62abb6 v4.2.0
Added tag v4.2.1 for changeset 32a70c7e5684
r333 32a70c7e56844a825f61df496ee5eaf8c3c4e189 v4.2.1
Added tag v4.3.0 for changeset fa695cdb411d
r661 fa695cdb411d294679ac081d595ac654e5613b03 v4.3.0
Added tag v4.3.1 for changeset 0e4dc11b58ca
r687 0e4dc11b58cad833c513fe17bac39e6850edf959 v4.3.1
Added tag v4.4.0 for changeset 8a876f48f5cb
r807 8a876f48f5cb1d018b837db28ff928500cb32cfb v4.4.0
Added tag v4.4.1 for changeset 8dd86b410b1a
r867 8dd86b410b1aac086ffdfc524ef300f896af5047 v4.4.1
Added tag v4.4.2 for changeset d2514226abc8
r998 d2514226abc8d3b4f6fb57765f47d1b6fb360a05 v4.4.2
Added tag v4.5.0 for changeset 27d783325930
r1176 27d783325930af6dad2741476c0d0b1b7c8415c2 v4.5.0
Added tag v4.5.1 for changeset 7f2016f352ab
r1212 7f2016f352abcbdba4a19d4039c386e9629449da v4.5.1
Added tag v4.5.2 for changeset 416fec799314
r1252 416fec799314c70a5c780fb28b3357b08869333a v4.5.2
Added tag v4.6.0 for changeset 27c3b85fafc8
r1402 27c3b85fafc83143e6678fbc3da69e1615bcac55 v4.6.0
Added tag v4.6.1 for changeset 5ad13deb9118
r1439 5ad13deb9118c2a5243d4032d4d9cc174e5872db v4.6.1
Added tag v4.7.0 for changeset 2be921e01fa2
r1616 2be921e01fa24bb102696ada596f87464c3666f6 v4.7.0
Added tag v4.7.1 for changeset 7198bdec29c2
r1641 7198bdec29c2872c974431d55200d0398354cdb1 v4.7.1
Added tag v4.7.2 for changeset bd1c8d230fe7
r1660 bd1c8d230fe741c2dfd7100a0ef39fd0774fd581 v4.7.2
Added tag v4.8.0 for changeset 9731914f8976
r1855 9731914f89765d9628dc4dddc84bc9402aa124c8 v4.8.0
Added tag v4.9.0 for changeset c5a2b7d0e4bb
r2023 c5a2b7d0e4bbdebc4a62d7b624befe375207b659 v4.9.0
Added tag v4.9.1 for changeset d9aa3b27ac9f
r2201 d9aa3b27ac9f7e78359775c75fedf7bfece232f1 v4.9.1
Added tag v4.10.0 for changeset 4ba4d74981ce
r2219 4ba4d74981cec5d6b28b158f875a2540952c2f74 v4.10.0
Added tag v4.10.1 for changeset 0a6821cbd6b0
r2225 0a6821cbd6b0b3c21503002f88800679fa35ab63 v4.10.1
Added tag v4.10.2 for changeset 434ad90ec8d6
r2231 434ad90ec8d621f4416074b84f6e9ce03964defb v4.10.2
Added tag v4.10.3 for changeset 68baee10e698
r2240 68baee10e698da2724c6e0f698c03a6abb993bf2 v4.10.3
Added tag v4.10.4 for changeset 00821d3afd1d
r2246 00821d3afd1dce3f4767cc353f84a17f7d5218a1 v4.10.4