docs: updated docs for integrations, fixes #4137...
docs: updated docs for integrations, fixes #4137 * added docs for jira, hipchat, redmine, jira, webhook integrations * moved old integrations/rcextensions docs to "hooks & extensions"

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r1 [pytest]
testpaths = ./rhodecode
pylons_config = test.ini
vcsserver_protocol = pyro4
vcsserver_config = rhodecode/tests/vcsserver.ini
vcsserver_config_http = rhodecode/tests/vcsserver_pyramid.ini
norecursedirs = tests/scripts
addopts = -k "not _BaseTest"
markers =
vcs_operations: Mark tests depending on a running RhodeCode instance.
xfail_backends: Mark tests as xfail for given backends.
skip_backends: Mark tests as skipped for given backends.