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Added tag v4.18.0 for changeset f37a31265704
Added tag v4.18.0 for changeset f37a31265704

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emails: updated emails design and data structure they provide....
r4038 ## -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
<%inherit file="/debug_style/index.html"/>
<%def name="breadcrumbs_links()">
${h.link_to(_('Style'), h.route_path('debug_style_home'))}
<%def name="real_main()">
<div class="box">
<div class="title">
<div class='sidebar-col-wrapper'>
<div class="main-content">
% for elem in sorted(c.email_types.keys()):
<a href="${request.route_path('debug_style_email', email_id=elem, _query={'user':c.rhodecode_user.username})}">${elem}</a>
<a href="${request.route_path('debug_style_email_plain_rendered', email_id=elem, _query={'user':c.rhodecode_user.username})}">plain rendered</a>
% endfor
</div> <!-- .main-content -->
</div> <!-- .box -->