##// END OF EJS Templates
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release: merge back stable branch into default

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form-templates: added readonly checkbox template
r2559 <span tal:define="name name|field.name;
true_val true_val|field.widget.true_val;
css_class css_class|field.widget.css_class;
style style|field.widget.style;
oid oid|field.oid;
help_block help_block|field.widget.help_block|'';
<div class="checkbox">
<input type="checkbox" name="${name}" value="${true_val}"
readonly="readonly" disabled="disabled"
tal:attributes="checked cstruct == true_val;
class css_class;
style style;"
<p tal:condition="help_block" class="help-block">${help_block}</p>
<label for="${field.oid}">
<span tal:condition="hasattr(field, 'schema') and hasattr(field.schema, 'label')"
tal:replace="field.schema.label" class="checkbox-label" >