##// END OF EJS Templates
configs: use new style of comments on .ini files....
configs: use new style of comments on .ini files. - This will allow better diffing options with control mako templates - main problem was ## comments which in mako we needed to escape. - cleanup configurations with some nicer formatting/comments

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testpaths = rhodecode
norecursedirs = rhodecode/public rhodecode/templates tests/scripts
cache_dir = /tmp/.pytest_cache
pyramid_config = rhodecode/tests/rhodecode.ini
vcsserver_protocol = http
vcsserver_config_http = rhodecode/tests/vcsserver_http.ini
addopts =
markers =
vcs_operations: Mark tests depending on a running RhodeCode instance.
xfail_backends: Mark tests as xfail for given backends.
skip_backends: Mark tests as skipped for given backends.
backends: Mark backends
dbs: database markers for running tests for given DB