##// END OF EJS Templates
configs: use new style of comments on .ini files....
configs: use new style of comments on .ini files. - This will allow better diffing options with control mako templates - main problem was ## comments which in mako we needed to escape. - cleanup configurations with some nicer formatting/comments

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## -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
<%inherit file="index_base.mako"/>
<%def name="title()">
${_('%s Repository group dashboard') % c.repo_group.group_name}
%if c.rhodecode_name:
&middot; ${h.branding(c.rhodecode_name)}
<%def name="breadcrumbs()">
<span class="groups_breadcrumbs">
${h.link_to(_(u'Home'), h.route_path('home'))}
%if c.repo_group.parent_group:
&raquo; ${h.link_to(c.repo_group.parent_group.name, h.route_path('repo_group_home', repo_group_name=c.repo_group.parent_group.group_name))}
&raquo; ${c.repo_group.name}
<%def name="menu_bar_nav()">