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artifacts: expose a special auth-token based artifacts download urls....
artifacts: expose a special auth-token based artifacts download urls. This will allow sharing download to external locations used new generated artifact download tokens. This feature allows also serving downloads using secret urls with all the fancy logic of our auth tokens.
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Generate the Nix expressions

Details can be found in the repository of RhodeCode Enterprise CE inside of the file docs/contributing/dependencies.rst.

Start the environment as follows:

nix-shell pkgs/shell-generate.nix

Python dependencies

pip2nix generate --licenses
# or
nix-shell pkgs/shell-generate.nix --command "pip2nix generate --licenses"

NodeJS dependencies

Generate node-packages.nix file with all dependencies from NPM and package.json file This should be run before entering nix-shell.

The sed at the end fixes a bug with http rewrite of re-generated packages

rm -rf node_modules &&
nix-shell pkgs/shell-generate.nix --command "
    node2nix --input package.json \
             -o pkgs/node-packages.nix \
             -e pkgs/node-env.nix \
             -c pkgs/node-default.nix \
             -d --flatten --nodejs-8 " &&
sed -i -e 's/http:\/\//https:\/\//g' pkgs/node-packages.nix

Generate license data

nix-build pkgs/license-generate.nix -o result-license && cat result-license/licenses.json | python -m json.tool > rhodecode/config/licenses.json