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import datetime
import decimal
import functools
import simplejson as json
from rhodecode.lib.datelib import is_aware
import rhodecode.translation
except ImportError:
rhodecode = None
__all__ = ['json']
def _obj_dump(obj):
Custom function for dumping objects to JSON, if obj has __json__ attribute
or method defined it will be used for serialization
:param obj:
# See "Date Time String Format" in the ECMA-262 specification.
# some code borrowed from django 1.4
if isinstance(obj, set):
return list(obj)
elif isinstance(obj, datetime.datetime):
r = obj.isoformat()
if isinstance(obj.microsecond, (int, long)):
r = r[:23] + r[26:]
if r.endswith('+00:00'):
r = r[:-6] + 'Z'
return r
elif isinstance(obj, datetime.date):
return obj.isoformat()
elif isinstance(obj, datetime.time):
if is_aware(obj):
raise TypeError("Time-zone aware times are not JSON serializable")
r = obj.isoformat()
if isinstance(obj.microsecond, (int, long)):
r = r[:12]
return r
elif hasattr(obj, '__json__'):
if callable(obj.__json__):
return obj.__json__()
return obj.__json__
elif isinstance(obj, decimal.Decimal):
return str(obj)
elif isinstance(obj, complex):
return [obj.real, obj.imag]
elif rhodecode and isinstance(obj, rhodecode.translation._LazyString):
return obj.eval()
raise TypeError(repr(obj) + " is not JSON serializable")
json.dumps = functools.partial(json.dumps, default=_obj_dump, use_decimal=False)
json.dump = functools.partial(json.dump, default=_obj_dump, use_decimal=False)
# alias for formatted json
formatted_json = functools.partial(json.dumps, indent=4, sort_keys=True)