packaging: Update rc-testdata...
packaging: Update rc-testdata I've seen upcoming trouble with recent nixpkgs and updated the default.nix inside of rc-testdata. This change makes use of the new version for enterprise.

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r725:57489056 default
r940:1fece5a0 default
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/ pkgs / backport-16.03-fetchbower.nix
{ stdenv, lib, bower2nix }:
bowerVersion = version:
components = lib.splitString "#" version;
hash = lib.last components;
ver = if builtins.length components == 1 then version else hash;
in ver;
fetchbower = name: version: target: outputHash: stdenv.mkDerivation {
name = "${name}-${bowerVersion version}";
buildCommand = ''
fetch-bower --quiet --out=$PWD/out "${name}" "${target}" "${version}"
# In some cases, the result of fetchBower is different depending
# on the output directory (e.g. if the bower package contains
# symlinks). So use a local output directory before copying to
# $out.
cp -R out $out
outputHashMode = "recursive";
outputHashAlgo = "sha256";
inherit outputHash;
buildInputs = [ bower2nix ];
in fetchbower