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forms: unified usage of h.secure_form. Make sure we ALWAYS pass in...
forms: unified usage of h.secure_form. Make sure we ALWAYS pass in request, and removed redundant 'POST' type.

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r2105:4ad1a937 default
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<div class="panel panel-default">
<div class="panel-heading">
<h3 class="panel-title">${_('Remote url')}</h3>
<div class="panel-body">
<h4>${_('Manually pull changes from external repository.')}</h4>
%if c.rhodecode_db_repo.clone_uri:
${_('Remote mirror url')}:
<a href="${c.rhodecode_db_repo.clone_uri}">${c.rhodecode_db_repo.clone_uri_hidden}</a>
${_('Pull can be automated by such api call. Can be called periodically in crontab etc.')}
${h.api_call_example(method='pull', args={"repoid": c.rhodecode_db_repo.repo_name})}
${h.secure_form(h.route_path('edit_repo_remote_pull', repo_name=c.repo_name), request=request)}
<div class="form">
<div class="fields">
${h.submit('remote_pull_%s' % c.rhodecode_db_repo.repo_name,_('Pull changes from remote location'),class_="btn btn-small",onclick="return confirm('"+_('Confirm to pull changes from remote side')+"');")}
${_('This repository does not have any remote mirror url set.')}
<a href="${h.route_path('edit_repo', repo_name=c.rhodecode_db_repo.repo_name)}">${_('Set remote url.')}</a>
<button class="btn disabled" type="submit" disabled="disabled">
${_('Pull changes from remote location')}