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api: allow uncached content fetching....
api: allow uncached content fetching. - this is mostly to optimize for memory of indexer

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## -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
<%inherit file="/base/base.mako"/>
<%def name="title()">
${_('Add repository')}
%if c.rhodecode_name:
&middot; ${h.branding(c.rhodecode_name)}
<%def name="breadcrumbs_links()">
%if c.rhodecode_user.is_admin:
${h.link_to(_('Admin'), h.route_path('admin_home'))}
${h.link_to(_('Repositories'), h.route_path('repos'))}
${_('Add Repository')}
<%def name="menu_bar_nav()">
<%def name="main()">
<div class="box">
<!-- box / title -->
<div class="title">
<%include file="repo_add_base.mako"/>