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api: allow uncached content fetching....
api: allow uncached content fetching. - this is mostly to optimize for memory of indexer

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## -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
<%inherit file="/base/base.mako"/>
<%def name="title()">
${_('Repositories administration')}
%if c.rhodecode_name:
&middot; ${h.branding(c.rhodecode_name)}
<%def name="breadcrumbs_links()">
<input class="q_filter_box" id="q_filter" size="15" type="text" name="filter" placeholder="${_('quick filter...')}" value=""/>
${h.link_to(_('Admin'),h.route_path('admin_home'))} &raquo; <span id="repo_count">0</span> ${_('repositories')}
<%def name="menu_bar_nav()">
<%def name="main()">
<div class="box">
<div class="title">
<ul class="links">
%if h.HasPermissionAny('hg.admin','hg.create.repository')():
<a href="${h.route_path('repo_new')}" class="btn btn-small btn-success">${_(u'Add Repository')}</a>
<div id="repos_list_wrap">
<table id="repo_list_table" class="display"></table>
$(document).ready(function() {
var get_datatable_count = function(){
var api = $('#repo_list_table').dataTable().api();
// repo list
data: ${c.data|n},
dom: 'rtp',
pageLength: ${c.visual.admin_grid_items},
order: [[ 0, "asc" ]],
columns: [
{ data: {"_": "name",
"sort": "name_raw"}, title: "${_('Name')}", className: "td-componentname" },
{ data: 'menu', "bSortable": false, className: "quick_repo_menu" },
{ data: {"_": "desc",
"sort": "desc"}, title: "${_('Description')}", className: "td-description" },
{ data: {"_": "last_change",
"sort": "last_change_raw",
"type": Number}, title: "${_('Last Change')}", className: "td-time" },
{ data: {"_": "last_changeset",
"sort": "last_changeset_raw",
"type": Number}, title: "${_('Commit')}", className: "td-commit" },
{ data: {"_": "owner",
"sort": "owner"}, title: "${_('Owner')}", className: "td-user" },
{ data: {"_": "state",
"sort": "state"}, title: "${_('State')}", className: "td-tags td-state" },
{ data: {"_": "action",
"sort": "action"}, title: "${_('Action')}", className: "td-action" }
language: {
emptyTable:_gettext("No repositories available yet.")
"initComplete": function( settings, json ) {
// update the counter when doing search
$('#repo_list_table').on( 'search.dt', function (e,settings) {
// filter, filter both grids
$('#q_filter').on( 'keyup', function () {
var repo_api = $('#repo_list_table').dataTable().api();
// refilter table if page load via back button