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Issue #5536 - ability to disable server-side SSH key generation...
Issue #5536 - ability to disable server-side SSH key generation - Fixes #5536

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<%namespace name="base" file="/base/base.mako"/>
<div class="panel panel-default">
<div class="panel-heading">
<h3 class="panel-title">${_('Account Emails')}</h3>
<div class="panel-body">
<div class="emails_wrap">
<table class="rctable account_emails">
<td class="td-user">
${base.gravatar(c.user.email, 16)}
<span class="user email">${c.user.email}</span>
<td class="td-tags">
<span class="tag tag1">${_('Primary')}</span>
%if c.user_email_map:
%for em in c.user_email_map:
<td class="td-user">
${base.gravatar(em.email, 16)}
<span class="user email">${em.email}</span>
<td class="td-action">
${h.secure_form(h.route_path('my_account_emails_delete'), request=request)}
<button class="btn btn-link btn-danger" type="submit" id="${'remove_email_%s'.format(em.email_id)}"
onclick="return confirm('${_('Confirm to delete this email: {}').format(em.email)}');">
<tr class="noborder">
<td colspan="3">
<div class="td-email">
${_('No additional emails specified')}
% if c.user.extern_type != 'rhodecode':
<p>${_('Your user account details are managed by an external source. Details cannot be managed here.')}
<br/>${_('Source type')}: <strong>${c.user.extern_type}</strong>
% else:
${c.form.render() | n}
% endif