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Quick Start Installation Guide


These are quick start instructions. To optimize your |RCE|, |RCC|, and |RCT| usage, read the more detailed instructions in our guides. For detailed installation instructions, see :ref:`RhodeCode Control Documentation <control:rcc>`


If using a non-SQLite database, install and configure the database, create a new user, and grant permissions. You will be prompted for this user's credentials during |RCE| installation. See the relevant database documentation for more details.

To get |RCE| up and running, run through the below steps:

  1. Download the latest |RCC| installer from rhodecode.com/download. If you don't have an account, sign up at rhodecode.com/register.
  2. Run the |RCC| installer and accept the End User Licence using the following example:
$ chmod +x RhodeCode-installer-linux-*
$ ./RhodeCode-installer-linux-*

Do you accept the RhodeCode Control license?
Press [Y] to accept license and [V] to view license text: y
  1. Install a VCS Server, and configure it to start at boot.
$ rccontrol install VCSServer

Agree to the licence agreement? [y/N]: y
IP to start the server on []:
Port for the server to start [10005]:
Creating new instance: vcsserver-1
Installing RhodeCode VCSServer
Configuring RhodeCode VCS Server ...
Supervisord state is: RUNNING
Added process group vcsserver-1
  1. Install |RCEE| or |RCCE|. If using MySQL or PostgreSQL, during installation you'll be asked for your database credentials, so have them at hand. Mysql or Postgres needs to be running and a new database needs to be created. You don't need any credentials or to create a database for SQLite.
  1. Check the status of your installation. You |RCEE|/|RCCE| instance runs on the URL displayed in the status message.
$ rccontrol status

- NAME: enterprise-1
- TYPE: Enterprise
- VERSION: 4.1.0
- URL:

- NAME: vcsserver-1
- TYPE: VCSServer
- VERSION: 4.1.0
- URL:


Recommended post quick start install instructions: