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Configure |RCX|

To get the the built in plugins and extensions working the way you want them to, you have to configure them to work with your services. An overview of what needs to be done is:

  • :ref:`config-rcx-plugin` to carry out your desired actions once its hook is triggered. There are default actions built in, but you may wish to alter those.
  • :ref:`config-rcx-hook` to execute actions for the plugin, when certain actions are carried out with |RCE|.

Tweak a Default Plugin

Each of the default plugins comes with a standard configuration, but you may wish to change those settings. In this example, the Redmine plugin watches for the words defined in the HASH_REGEX variable and takes actions if one of those words is used in conjunction with a #{number}, which matches a ticket number in Redmine. You can configure this to work differently based on the Redmine documentation.

Configure a Hook

To configure the default hooks in the :file:`/home/{user}/.rccontrol/{instance-id}/rcextensions/__init.py__` file, use the following steps.

  1. Configure the connection details, either in the file or import from a dictionary. For these connection scenarios the following details need to be configured.
  • REDMINE_URL = '<redmine-url>'
  • REDMINE_API_KEY = '<secret>'
  • SLACK_API_URL = '<slack-url>?token=<secret>'
  • SLACK_API_KEY = '<secret>'
  1. You will also need to configure other variables, such as the SLACK_ROOM or RM_PROJECT (Redmine Project). These set where the commit message is posted. Various hooks can take different variables and they are documented in the file.
  2. Inside each hook you can then configure it to carry out actions per service. In this example, the push hook is pushing to the Redmine and Slack plugins on each push if the hook criteria are matched.