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Developing Plugins/Extensions

An Extension or a Plugin is simply a |PY| module with a run method that expects a number of parameters, depending on which event it is listening for. To get an extension working, use the following steps:

  1. Create an extension or plugin using the below example.
  2. Save the plugin inside the :file:`/home/{user}/.rccontrol/{instance-id}/rcextensions` folder.
  3. Add a hook to the :file:`/home/{user}/.rccontrol/{instance-id}/rcextensions/` file. For more information, see :ref:`event-listener`.
  4. Restart your |RCM| instance.

Extension example

In the following example, the run method listens for a push to a |repo| and parses the commit.

def run(*args, **kwargs):

    revs = kwargs.get('pushed_revs')
    if not revs:
        return 0

    from rhodecode.lib.utils2 import extract_mentioned_users
    from rhodecode.model.db import Repository

    repo = Repository.get_by_repo_name(kwargs['repository'])
    changesets = []
    reviewers = []

    # reviewer fields from extra_fields, users can store their custom
    # reviewers inside the extra fields to pre-define a set of people who
    # will get notifications about changesets
    field_key = kwargs.get('reviewers_extra_field')
    if field_key:
        for xfield in repo.extra_fields:
            if xfield.field_key == field_key:

    vcs_repo = repo.scm_instance_no_cache()
    for rev in kwargs['pushed_revs']:
        cs = vcs_repo.get_changeset(rev) # or get_commit. See API doc
        cs_data = cs.__json__()
        cs_data['mentions'] = extract_mentioned_users(cs_data['message'])
        cs_data['reviewers'] = reviewers
        # optionally add more logic to parse the commits, like reading extra
        # fields of repository to read managers of reviewers

    return changesets