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Rhodecode supports integrations with external services for various events such as commit pushes and pull requests. Multiple integrations of the same type (eg. slack) can be added at the same time which is useful for example to post different events to different slack channels.

Supported integrations

Type/Name |RC| Edition Description
:ref:`integrations-slack` |RCCEshort|
:ref:`integrations-hipchat` |RCCEshort|
:ref:`integrations-webhook` |RCCEshort| POST events as json to a custom url
:ref:`integrations-redmine` |RCEEshort| Close/Resolve/Reference redmine issues
:ref:`integrations-jira` |RCEEshort| Close/Resolve/Reference JIRA issues

Creating an integration

Integrations can be added globally via the admin UI:

:menuselection:`Admin --> Integrations`

or per repository in the repository settings:

:menuselection:`Admin --> Repositories --> Edit --> Integrations`

To create an integration, select the type from the list of types in the Create an integration section.

The Current integrations section shows existing integrations that have been created along with their type (eg. slack) and enabled status.