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Added tag v4.10.3 for changeset 68baee10e698

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Open a |pr|


To open a |pr|, it is necessary that the source and the target repositories have at least one commit in common. For more information, see :ref:`merging-empty-repo-ref`.

Once you have finished your work on a fork and want your work merged with the original |repo|, you need to open a |pr|. To open a |pr| and send for review, use the following steps:

  1. Select :menuselection:`Admin --> repositories --> repo name --> Options --> Create Pull Request`
  2. On the :guilabel:`New Pull Request` page, enter the following information:
  3. Review the changesets that make up the |pr|.
  4. Select :guilabel:`Submit Pull Request`.
Open a pull request

The pull request can either be merged into the original repository, or it can be declined due to issues during the review process. If issues arise, you can fix them and update the |pr|. For more, see :ref:`update-requests-ref`.