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docs: added release notes for 4.22.0

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Authentication Tokens

|RCE| has 4 different kinds of authentication tokens. API token, Feed tokens work without a need to enable any additional authentication. VCS tokens require dedicated authentication plugin to be activated. Web Interface tokens are controlled by the white_list configuration.

  • API tokens: API tokens can only be used to execute |RCE| API operations. You can store your API token and assign it to each instance in the :file:`/home/{user}/.rhoderc` file. See the example in :ref:`indexing-ref` section for more details.

  • Feed tokens: The feed token can only be used to access the RSS feed. Usually those are safe to store inside your RSS feed reader.

  • Web Interface tokens: These token allows users to access the web interface of |RCE| without logging in.

    You can add these tokens to an |RCE| server url, to expose the page content based on the given token.

    This is useful to integrate 3rd party systems, good example is to expose raw diffs to another code-review system without having to worry about authentication.

    These tokens only work if a certain view is whitelisted under api_access_controllers_whitelist inside the :file:`rhodecode.ini` file.

# To download a repo without logging into Web UI

# To show commit diff without logging into Web UI
  • VCS tokens: You can use these to authenticate with |git|, |hg| and |svn| operations instead of a password. They are designed to be used with CI Servers or other third party tools that require |repo| access. They are also a good replacement for SSH based access. To use these tokens you need be enabled special authentication method on |RCE|, as they are disabled by default. See :ref:`enable-vcs-tokens`.

Enabling VCS Tokens

To enable VCS Tokens, use the following steps:

  1. Go to :menuselection:`Admin --> Authentication`.
  2. Activate the rhodecode.lib.auth_modules.auth_token plugin.
  3. Click :guilabel:`Save`.

Authentication Token Tips

  • Use Authentication Tokens instead of your password with external services.
  • Create multiple Authentication Tokens on your account to enable access to your |repos| with a different |authtoken| per method used.
  • Set an expiry limit on certain tokens if you think it would be a good idea.

Creating Tokens

To create authentication tokens for an user, use the following steps:

  1. From the |RCE| interface go to :menuselection:`Username --> My Account --> Auth tokens`.
  2. Label and Add the tokens you wish to use with |RCE|.