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docs: added release notes for 4.22.0

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Approve |prs|

To approve a |pr|, use the following steps:

  1. Select :menuselection:`username --> Notifications --> Pull Requests` and open the |pr| you with to approve
  2. Leave your review comments inline, or in the commit message.
  3. Leave a commit message that outlines the review.
  4. Set the review status to :guilabel:`Approved`
  5. Select :guilabel:`Comment`

If you approve the |pr|, you will be able to merge automatically if |RCE| detects that it can do so safely. You will see this message:

:guilabel:`This pull request can be automatically merged.`

Otherwise you will need to merge the |pr| locally and push your changes, see :ref:`manual-merge-requests-ref`.