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docs: added release notes for 4.22.0

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JIRA integration


JIRA integration is only available in |RCEE|.


In order to make issue numbers clickable in commit messages, see the :ref:`rhodecode-issue-trackers-ref` section. The JIRA integration only deals with altering JIRA issues.

The JIRA integration allows you to reference and change issue statuses in JIRA directly from commit messages using commit message patterns such as fixes #JIRA-235 in order to change the status of issue JIRA-235 to eg. "Resolved".

In order to apply a status to a JIRA issue, it is necessary to find the transition status id in the Workflow section of JIRA.

Once you have the transition status id, you can create a JIRA integration as outlined in :ref:`creating-integrations`.


There's an option to configure integration templates. Please see :ref:`integrations-rcextensions` section. rcextensions examples are here: https://code.rhodecode.com/rhodecode-enterprise-ce/files/default/rhodecode/config/rcextensions/examples/custom_integration_templates.py