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Extensions & Hooks

The extensions & hooks section references three concepts regularly, so to clarify what is meant each time, read the following definitions:

  • Plugin: A Plugin is software that adds a specific feature to an existing software application.
  • Extension: An extension extends the capabilities of, or the data available to, an existing software application.
  • Hook: A hook intercepts function calls, messages, or events passed between software components and can be used to trigger plugins, or their extensions.


Within |RCE| there are two types of supported hooks.

  • Internal built-in hooks: The internal |hg|, |git| or |svn| hooks are triggered by different VCS operations, like push, pull, or clone and are non-configurable, but you can add your own VCS hooks, see :ref:`custom-hooks`.
  • Custom rcextensions hooks: User defined hooks centre around the lifecycle of certain actions such are |repo| creation, user creation etc. The actions these hooks trigger can be rejected based on the API permissions of the user calling them.

On instructions how to use the custom rcextensions see :ref:`integrations-rcextensions` section.