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release: Finish preparation for 4.14.1

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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2014-2018 RhodeCode GmbH
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3
# (only), as published by the Free Software Foundation.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
# This program is dual-licensed. If you wish to learn more about the
# RhodeCode Enterprise Edition, including its added features, Support services,
# and proprietary license terms, please see https://rhodecode.com/licenses/
SVN commit module
import dateutil.parser
from zope.cachedescriptors.property import Lazy as LazyProperty
from rhodecode.lib.utils import safe_str, safe_unicode
from rhodecode.lib.vcs import nodes, path as vcspath
from rhodecode.lib.vcs.backends import base
from rhodecode.lib.vcs.exceptions import CommitError, NodeDoesNotExistError
class SubversionCommit(base.BaseCommit):
Subversion specific implementation of commits
.. attribute:: branch
The Subversion backend does not support to assign branches to
specific commits. This attribute has always the value `None`.
def __init__(self, repository, commit_id):
self.repository = repository
self.idx = self.repository._get_commit_idx(commit_id)
self._svn_rev = self.idx + 1
self._remote = repository._remote
# TODO: handling of raw_id should be a method on repository itself,
# which knows how to translate commit index and commit id
self.raw_id = commit_id
self.short_id = commit_id
self.id = 'r%s' % (commit_id, )
# TODO: Implement the following placeholder attributes
self.nodes = {}
self.tags = []
def author(self):
return safe_unicode(self._properties.get('svn:author'))
def date(self):
return _date_from_svn_properties(self._properties)
def message(self):
return safe_unicode(self._properties.get('svn:log'))
def _properties(self):
return self._remote.revision_properties(self._svn_rev)
def parents(self):
parent_idx = self.idx - 1
if parent_idx >= 0:
parent = self.repository.get_commit(commit_idx=parent_idx)
return [parent]
return []
def children(self):
child_idx = self.idx + 1
if child_idx < len(self.repository.commit_ids):
child = self.repository.get_commit(commit_idx=child_idx)
return [child]
return []
def get_file_mode(self, path):
# Note: Subversion flags files which are executable with a special
# property `svn:executable` which is set to the value ``"*"``.
if self._get_file_property(path, 'svn:executable') == _SVN_PROP_TRUE:
def is_link(self, path):
# Note: Subversion has a flag for special files, the content of the
# file contains the type of that file.
if self._get_file_property(path, 'svn:special') == _SVN_PROP_TRUE:
return self.get_file_content(path).startswith('link')
return False
def _get_file_property(self, path, name):
file_properties = self._remote.node_properties(
safe_str(path), self._svn_rev)
return file_properties.get(name)
def get_file_content(self, path):
path = self._fix_path(path)
return self._remote.get_file_content(safe_str(path), self._svn_rev)
def get_file_size(self, path):
path = self._fix_path(path)
return self._remote.get_file_size(safe_str(path), self._svn_rev)
def get_file_history(self, path, limit=None, pre_load=None):
path = safe_str(self._fix_path(path))
history = self._remote.node_history(path, self._svn_rev, limit)
return [
for svn_rev in history]
def get_file_annotate(self, path, pre_load=None):
result = self._remote.file_annotate(safe_str(path), self._svn_rev)
for zero_based_line_no, svn_rev, content in result:
commit_id = str(svn_rev)
line_no = zero_based_line_no + 1
yield (
lambda: self.repository.get_commit(commit_id=commit_id),
def get_node(self, path, pre_load=None):
path = self._fix_path(path)
if path not in self.nodes:
if path == '':
node = nodes.RootNode(commit=self)
node_type = self._remote.get_node_type(
safe_str(path), self._svn_rev)
if node_type == 'dir':
node = nodes.DirNode(path, commit=self)
elif node_type == 'file':
node = nodes.FileNode(path, commit=self, pre_load=pre_load)
raise self.no_node_at_path(path)
self.nodes[path] = node
return self.nodes[path]
def get_nodes(self, path):
if self._get_kind(path) != nodes.NodeKind.DIR:
raise CommitError(
"Directory does not exist for commit %s at "
" '%s'" % (self.raw_id, path))
path = self._fix_path(path)
path_nodes = []
for name, kind in self._remote.get_nodes(
safe_str(path), revision=self._svn_rev):
node_path = vcspath.join(path, name)
if kind == 'dir':
node = nodes.DirNode(node_path, commit=self)
elif kind == 'file':
node = nodes.FileNode(node_path, commit=self)
raise ValueError("Node kind %s not supported." % (kind, ))
self.nodes[node_path] = node
return path_nodes
def _get_kind(self, path):
path = self._fix_path(path)
kind = self._remote.get_node_type(path, self._svn_rev)
if kind == 'file':
return nodes.NodeKind.FILE
elif kind == 'dir':
return nodes.NodeKind.DIR
raise CommitError(
"Node does not exist at the given path '%s'" % (path, ))
def _changes_cache(self):
return self._remote.revision_changes(self._svn_rev)
def affected_files(self):
changed_files = set()
for files in self._changes_cache.itervalues():
return list(changed_files)
def id(self):
return self.raw_id
def added(self):
return nodes.AddedFileNodesGenerator(
self._changes_cache['added'], self)
def changed(self):
return nodes.ChangedFileNodesGenerator(
self._changes_cache['changed'], self)
def removed(self):
return nodes.RemovedFileNodesGenerator(
self._changes_cache['removed'], self)
def _date_from_svn_properties(properties):
Parses the date out of given svn properties.
:return: :class:`datetime.datetime` instance. The object is naive.
aware_date = dateutil.parser.parse(properties.get('svn:date'))
# final_date = aware_date.astimezone(dateutil.tz.tzlocal())
final_date = aware_date
return final_date.replace(tzinfo=None)