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Gunicorn SSL support

:term:`Gunicorn` wsgi server allows users to use HTTPS connection directly without a need to use HTTP server like Nginx or Apache. To Configure SSL support directly with :term:`Gunicorn` you need to simply add the key and certificate paths to your configuration file.

  1. Open the :file:`home/{user}/.rccontrol/{instance-id}/rhodecode.ini` file.
  2. In the [server:main] section, add two new variables called certfile and keyfile.
host =
port = 10002
use = egg:gunicorn#main
workers = 1
threads = 1
proc_name = RhodeCodeEnterprise
worker_class = sync
max_requests = 1000
timeout = 3600
# adding ssl support
certfile = /home/ssl/my_server_com.pem
keyfile = /home/ssl/my_server_com.key
  1. Save your changes.
  2. Restart your |RCE| instance, using the following command:
$ rccontrol restart enterprise-1

After this is enabled you can only access your instances via https:// protocol. Check out more docs here Gunicorn SSL Docs


This change only can be applied to |RCE|. VCSServer doesn't support SSL and should be only used with http protocol. Because only |RCE| is available externally all communication will still be over SSL even without VCSServer SSL enabled.