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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import shutil
import warnings
import logging
import inspect
from StringIO import StringIO
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate import migrate
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning import genmodel, schemadiff
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning.config import operations
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning.template import Template
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning.script import base
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning.util import import_path, load_model, with_engine
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.exceptions import MigrateDeprecationWarning, InvalidScriptError, ScriptError
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
__all__ = ['PythonScript']
class PythonScript(base.BaseScript):
"""Base for Python scripts"""
def create(cls, path, **opts):
"""Create an empty migration script at specified path
:returns: :class:`PythonScript instance <migrate.versioning.script.py.PythonScript>`"""
src = Template(opts.pop('templates_path', None)).get_script(theme=opts.pop('templates_theme', None))
shutil.copy(src, path)
return cls(path)
def make_update_script_for_model(cls, engine, oldmodel,
model, repository, **opts):
"""Create a migration script based on difference between two SA models.
:param repository: path to migrate repository
:param oldmodel: dotted.module.name:SAClass or SAClass object
:param model: dotted.module.name:SAClass or SAClass object
:param engine: SQLAlchemy engine
:type repository: string or :class:`Repository instance <migrate.versioning.repository.Repository>`
:type oldmodel: string or Class
:type model: string or Class
:type engine: Engine instance
:returns: Upgrade / Downgrade script
:rtype: string
if isinstance(repository, basestring):
# oh dear, an import cycle!
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning.repository import Repository
repository = Repository(repository)
oldmodel = load_model(oldmodel)
model = load_model(model)
# Compute differences.
diff = schemadiff.getDiffOfModelAgainstModel(
# TODO: diff can be False (there is no difference?)
decls, upgradeCommands, downgradeCommands = \
# Store differences into file.
src = Template(opts.pop('templates_path', None)).get_script(opts.pop('templates_theme', None))
with open(src) as f:
contents = f.read()
# generate source
search = 'def upgrade(migrate_engine):'
contents = contents.replace(search, '\n\n'.join((decls, search)), 1)
if upgradeCommands:
contents = contents.replace(' pass', upgradeCommands, 1)
if downgradeCommands:
contents = contents.replace(' pass', downgradeCommands, 1)
return contents
def verify_module(cls, path):
"""Ensure path is a valid script
:param path: Script location
:type path: string
:raises: :exc:`InvalidScriptError <migrate.exceptions.InvalidScriptError>`
:returns: Python module
# Try to import and get the upgrade() func
module = import_path(path)
assert callable(module.upgrade)
except Exception as e:
raise InvalidScriptError(path + ': %s' % str(e))
return module
def preview_sql(self, url, step, **args):
"""Mocks SQLAlchemy Engine to store all executed calls in a string
and runs :meth:`PythonScript.run <migrate.versioning.script.py.PythonScript.run>`
:returns: SQL file
buf = StringIO()
args['engine_arg_strategy'] = 'mock'
args['engine_arg_executor'] = lambda s, p = '': buf.write(str(s) + p)
def go(url, step, **kw):
engine = kw.pop('engine')
self.run(engine, step)
return buf.getvalue()
return go(url, step, **args)
def run(self, engine, step):
"""Core method of Script file.
Exectues :func:`update` or :func:`downgrade` functions
:param engine: SQLAlchemy Engine
:param step: Operation to run
:type engine: string
:type step: int
if step > 0:
op = 'upgrade'
elif step < 0:
op = 'downgrade'
raise ScriptError("%d is not a valid step" % step)
funcname = base.operations[op]
script_func = self._func(funcname)
# check for old way of using engine
if not inspect.getargspec(script_func)[0]:
raise TypeError("upgrade/downgrade functions must accept engine"
" parameter (since version 0.5.4)")
def module(self):
"""Calls :meth:`migrate.versioning.script.py.verify_module`
and returns it.
if not hasattr(self, '_module'):
self._module = self.verify_module(self.path)
return self._module
def _func(self, funcname):
if not hasattr(self.module, funcname):
msg = "Function '%s' is not defined in this script"
raise ScriptError(msg % funcname)
return getattr(self.module, funcname)