py3: remove usage of basestring
py3: remove usage of basestring

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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import shutil
import warnings
import logging
import inspect
from StringIO import StringIO
from pyramid import compat
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate import migrate
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning import genmodel, schemadiff
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning.config import operations
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning.template import Template
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning.script import base
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning.util import import_path, load_model, with_engine
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.exceptions import MigrateDeprecationWarning, InvalidScriptError, ScriptError
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
__all__ = ['PythonScript']
class PythonScript(base.BaseScript):
"""Base for Python scripts"""
def create(cls, path, **opts):
"""Create an empty migration script at specified path
:returns: :class:`PythonScript instance <>`"""
src = Template(opts.pop('templates_path', None)).get_script(theme=opts.pop('templates_theme', None))
shutil.copy(src, path)
return cls(path)
def make_update_script_for_model(cls, engine, oldmodel,
model, repository, **opts):
"""Create a migration script based on difference between two SA models.
:param repository: path to migrate repository
:param oldmodel: or SAClass object
:param model: or SAClass object
:param engine: SQLAlchemy engine
:type repository: string or :class:`Repository instance <migrate.versioning.repository.Repository>`
:type oldmodel: string or Class
:type model: string or Class
:type engine: Engine instance
:returns: Upgrade / Downgrade script
:rtype: string
if isinstance(repository, compat.string_types):
# oh dear, an import cycle!
from rhodecode.lib.dbmigrate.migrate.versioning.repository import Repository
repository = Repository(repository)
oldmodel = load_model(oldmodel)
model = load_model(model)
# Compute differences.
diff = schemadiff.getDiffOfModelAgainstModel(
# TODO: diff can be False (there is no difference?)
decls, upgradeCommands, downgradeCommands = \
# Store differences into file.
src = Template(opts.pop('templates_path', None)).get_script(opts.pop('templates_theme', None))
with open(src) as f:
contents =
# generate source
search = 'def upgrade(migrate_engine):'
contents = contents.replace(search, '\n\n'.join((decls, search)), 1)
if upgradeCommands:
contents = contents.replace(' pass', upgradeCommands, 1)
if downgradeCommands:
contents = contents.replace(' pass', downgradeCommands, 1)
return contents
def verify_module(cls, path):
"""Ensure path is a valid script
:param path: Script location
:type path: string
:raises: :exc:`InvalidScriptError <migrate.exceptions.InvalidScriptError>`
:returns: Python module
# Try to import and get the upgrade() func
module = import_path(path)
assert callable(module.upgrade)
except Exception as e:
raise InvalidScriptError(path + ': %s' % str(e))
return module
def preview_sql(self, url, step, **args):
"""Mocks SQLAlchemy Engine to store all executed calls in a string
and runs :meth:` <>`
:returns: SQL file
buf = StringIO()
args['engine_arg_strategy'] = 'mock'
args['engine_arg_executor'] = lambda s, p = '': buf.write(str(s) + p)
def go(url, step, **kw):
engine = kw.pop('engine'), step)
return buf.getvalue()
return go(url, step, **args)
def run(self, engine, step):
"""Core method of Script file.
Exectues :func:`update` or :func:`downgrade` functions
:param engine: SQLAlchemy Engine
:param step: Operation to run
:type engine: string
:type step: int
if step > 0:
op = 'upgrade'
elif step < 0:
op = 'downgrade'
raise ScriptError("%d is not a valid step" % step)
funcname = base.operations[op]
script_func = self._func(funcname)
# check for old way of using engine
if not inspect.getargspec(script_func)[0]:
raise TypeError("upgrade/downgrade functions must accept engine"
" parameter (since version 0.5.4)")
def module(self):
"""Calls :meth:``
and returns it.
if not hasattr(self, '_module'):
self._module = self.verify_module(self.path)
return self._module
def _func(self, funcname):
if not hasattr(self.module, funcname):
msg = "Function '%s' is not defined in this script"
raise ScriptError(msg % funcname)
return getattr(self.module, funcname)