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docs: added 4.25.0 release notes

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How To Use |AE| to Monitor |RCE|

|AE| Side Of The Setup

For more information, see the the |AE| documentation here.

|RCE| Side Of The Setup

Once you have your |AE| account details, configure the |RCE| :file:`home/{user}/.rccontrol/{instance-id}/rhodecode.ini` file with the following details to set up the connection between the two systems.


The section below should already be present in your configuration file if running a recent version of |RCE|.

  • Enable the |AE| connection by setting appenlight = true.
  • Set your |AE| URL using the appenlight.server_url = URL option.
  • Set your |AE| |authtoken| using the appenlight.api_key = TOKEN option.

Verifying The Setup

Once |RCE| and |AE| are working together you will see the monitoring begin on your |AE| dashboard when you start carrying out actions in |RCE|.