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How to Rebase in |git|

Rebasing can take two form in |git|.

  • Rebasing changes when you pull from upstream
  • Rebasing one branch on top of another

If you need to understand more about branching, and the terminology, see the :ref:`branch-wf` section.

Rebasing When Pulling from Upstream

This will pull any changes from the remote server, and rebase the changes on your local branch on top of them.

# Move to the branch you wish to rebase
$ git checkout branchname

# Pull changes on master and rebase on top of latest changes
$ git pull --rebase upstream master

# Push the rebase to origin
$ git push -f origin branchname

Rebasing Branches

Rebasing branches in |git| means that you take one branch and rebase the work on that branch on top of another. In the following example, the triple branch will be rebased on top of the second-pass branch.

  1. List the available branches in your |repo|.
$ git branch
* master
  1. Rebase the triple on top of the second-pass branch.
$ git rebase second-pass triple
First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it...
Fast-forwarded triple to second-pass.