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Docs: release notes for 4.25.2
Docs: release notes for 4.25.2

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Adding Custom Packages

If you wish to make additional Python modules available to use with extensions that you have developed, use the following information.


|RCC| manages the |RCE| environment using Supervisor. To add custom packages you need to install your instance of |RCE| as a self managed instance. This will let you to update the PYTHONPATH without |RCC| overwriting it. You can then extend the PYTHONPATH to find packaged outside of the |RCC| managed environment. To install |RCE| as a self-managed service using |RCC|, see the :ref:`Self-managed Instructions <control:set-self-managed-supervisor>`.

Adding Custom Packages

Once you have your instance configured as self-managed, use the following steps.

  1. Add the modules to the |RCE| instance directory, :file:`/home/{user}/.rccontrol/{instance-id}`.
  2. Add this location to your PYTHONPATH environment variable. This is set in the :file:`/home/{user}/.rccontrol/supervisor/supervisor.ini` file. For more information about PYTHONPATH, see the PYTHONPATH documentation.
numprocs = 1
redirect_stderr = true
environment = PYTHONPATH="",GIT_SSL_CAINFO="/home/user/.rccontrol-profile/etc/ca-bundle.crt"
  1. Specify the hook for your added module on the :menuselection:`Admin --> Settings --> Hooks` page. For example, python:rcextensions/you.custom.hook
  2. Restart |RCE| using the rccontrol restart <instance-id> command. For more information, see the :ref:`RhodeCode Control CLI <control:rcc-cli>` documentation.