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release: Finish preparation for 4.18.0
release: Finish preparation for 4.18.0

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# Copyright (c) 2010 Agendaless Consulting and Contributors.
# (http://www.agendaless.com), All Rights Reserved
# License: BSD-derived (http://www.repoze.org/LICENSE.txt)
# With Patches from RhodeCode GmBH
import os
from beaker import cache
from beaker.session import SessionObject
from beaker.util import coerce_cache_params
from beaker.util import coerce_session_params
from pyramid.interfaces import ISession
from pyramid.settings import asbool
from zope.interface import implementer
from binascii import hexlify
def BeakerSessionFactoryConfig(**options):
""" Return a Pyramid session factory using Beaker session settings
supplied directly as ``**options``"""
class PyramidBeakerSessionObject(SessionObject):
_options = options
_cookie_on_exception = _options.pop('cookie_on_exception', True)
_constant_csrf_token = _options.pop('constant_csrf_token', False)
def __init__(self, request):
SessionObject.__init__(self, request.environ, **self._options)
def session_callback(request, response):
exception = getattr(request, 'exception', None)
if (exception is None or self._cookie_on_exception) and self.accessed():
headers = self.__dict__['_headers']
if headers['set_cookie'] and headers['cookie_out']:
response.headerlist.append(('Set-Cookie', headers['cookie_out']))
# ISession API
def id(self):
# this is as inspected in SessionObject.__init__
if self.__dict__['_params'].get('type') != 'cookie':
return self._session().id
return None
def new(self):
return self.last_accessed is None
changed = SessionObject.save
# modifying dictionary methods
def clear(self):
return self._session().clear()
def update(self, d, **kw):
return self._session().update(d, **kw)
def setdefault(self, k, d=None):
return self._session().setdefault(k, d)
def pop(self, k, d=None):
return self._session().pop(k, d)
def popitem(self):
return self._session().popitem()
__setitem__ = call_save(SessionObject.__setitem__)
__delitem__ = call_save(SessionObject.__delitem__)
# Flash API methods
def flash(self, msg, queue='', allow_duplicate=True):
storage = self.setdefault('_f_' + queue, [])
if allow_duplicate or (msg not in storage):
def pop_flash(self, queue=''):
storage = self.pop('_f_' + queue, [])
return storage
def peek_flash(self, queue=''):
storage = self.get('_f_' + queue, [])
return storage
# CSRF API methods
def new_csrf_token(self):
token = (self._constant_csrf_token
or hexlify(os.urandom(20)).decode('ascii'))
self['_csrft_'] = token
return token
def get_csrf_token(self):
token = self.get('_csrft_', None)
if token is None:
token = self.new_csrf_token()
return token
return implementer(ISession)(PyramidBeakerSessionObject)
def call_save(wrapped):
""" By default, in non-auto-mode beaker badly wants people to
call save even though it should know something has changed when
a mutating method is called. This hack should be removed if
Beaker ever starts to do this by default. """
def save(session, *arg, **kw):
value = wrapped(session, *arg, **kw)
return value
save.__doc__ = wrapped.__doc__
return save
def session_factory_from_settings(settings):
""" Return a Pyramid session factory using Beaker session settings
supplied from a Paste configuration file"""
prefixes = ('session.', 'beaker.session.')
options = {}
# Pull out any config args meant for beaker session. if there are any
for k, v in settings.items():
for prefix in prefixes:
if k.startswith(prefix):
option_name = k[len(prefix):]
if option_name == 'cookie_on_exception':
v = asbool(v)
options[option_name] = v
options = coerce_session_params(options)
return BeakerSessionFactoryConfig(**options)
def set_cache_regions_from_settings(settings):
""" Add cache support to the Pylons application.
The ``settings`` passed to the configurator are used to setup
the cache options. Cache options in the settings should start
with either 'beaker.cache.' or 'cache.'.
cache_settings = {'regions': []}
for key in settings.keys():
for prefix in ['beaker.cache.', 'cache.']:
if key.startswith(prefix):
name = key.split(prefix)[1].strip()
cache_settings[name] = settings[key].strip()
if ('expire' in cache_settings
and isinstance(cache_settings['expire'], basestring)
and cache_settings['expire'].lower() in ['none', 'no']):
cache_settings['expire'] = None
if 'enabled' not in cache_settings:
cache_settings['enabled'] = True
regions = cache_settings['regions']
if regions:
for region in regions:
if not region:
region_settings = {
'data_dir': cache_settings.get('data_dir'),
'lock_dir': cache_settings.get('lock_dir'),
'expire': cache_settings.get('expire', 60),
'enabled': cache_settings['enabled'],
'key_length': cache_settings.get('key_length', 250),
'type': cache_settings.get('type'),
'url': cache_settings.get('url'),
region_prefix = '%s.' % region
region_len = len(region_prefix)
for key in list(cache_settings.keys()):
if key.startswith(region_prefix):
region_settings[key[region_len:]] = cache_settings.pop(key)
if (isinstance(region_settings['expire'], basestring)
and region_settings['expire'].lower() in ['none', 'no']):
region_settings['expire'] = None
cache.cache_regions[region] = region_settings
def includeme(config):
session_factory = session_factory_from_settings(config.registry.settings)