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release: Finish preparation for 4.18.0
release: Finish preparation for 4.18.0

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r3643:bd138857 new-ui
r4182:f37a3126 v4.18.0 stable
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<%inherit file="/summary/summary_base.mako"/>
<%namespace name="components" file="/summary/components.mako"/>
<%def name="main()">
<div id="repo-summary" class="summary">
${components.summary_detail(breadcrumbs_links=self.breadcrumbs_links(), show_downloads=False)}
</div><!--end repo-summary-->
<div class="alert alert-dismissable alert-warning">
<strong>Missing requirements</strong>
Commits cannot be displayed, because this repository uses one or more extensions, which was not enabled. <br/>
Please <a href="${h.route_path('edit_repo_vcs', repo_name=c.repo_name)}">enable extension in settings</a>, or contact the repository owner for help.
Missing extensions could be:
- Mercurial largefiles
- Git LFS
Requirement error: ${c.repository_requirements_missing.get('error')}
<%def name="menu_bar_subnav()">