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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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|RCE| 1.7.0 |RNS|


  • released 2013-06-08


  • Manage User's Groups(teams): create, delete, rename, add/remove users inside by delegated user group admins.
  • Implemented simple Gist functionality.
  • External authentication got special flag to control user activation.
  • Created whitelist for API access. Each view can now be accessed by api_key if added to whitelist.
  • Added dedicated file history page.
  • Added compare option into bookmarks
  • Improved diff display for binary files and renames.
  • Archive downloading are now stored in main action journal.
  • Switch gravatar to always use ssl.
  • Implements #842 RhodeCode version disclosure.
  • Allow underscore to be the optionally first character of username.


  • #818: Bookmarks Do Not Display on Changeset View.
  • Fixed default permissions population during upgrades.
  • Fixed overwrite default user group permission flag.
  • Fixed issue with h.person() function returned prematurly giving only email info from changeset metadata.
  • get_changeset uses now mercurial revrange to filter out branches. Switch to branch it's around 20% faster this way.
  • Fixed some issues with paginators on chrome.
  • Forbid changing of repository type.
  • Adde missing permission checks in list of forks in repository settings.
  • Fixes #834 hooks error on remote pulling.
  • Fixes issues #849. Web Commits functionality failed for non-ascii files.
  • Fixed #850. Whoosh indexer should use the default revision when doing index.
  • Fixed #851 and #563 make-index crashes on non-ascii files.
  • Fixes #852, flash messages had issies with non-ascii messages