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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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|RCE| 1.7.2 |RNS|


  • released 2013-07-18


  • Added handling of copied files in diffs.
  • Implemented issue #387 side-by-side diffs view.
  • Added option to specify other than official bugtracker url to post issues with RhodeCode.
  • Markdown renderer now uses github flavored syntax with a better newline handling
  • Added User pre-create, create and delete hooks for rcextensions.
  • Branch selectors: show closed branches too for Mercurial.
  • Updated codemirror to latest version and added syntax coloring dropdown for various languages CodeMirror supports.
  • Added --no-public-access / --public-access flags into setup-rhodecode command to enable setup without public access.
  • Various small updates to pull requests.
  • Bumped Mercurial version to latest.
  • Diffs view doesn't show content of delete files anymore.


  • Added missing __get_cs_or_redirect method for file history. Fixes issue with displaying a history of file that is not present at tip.
  • Pull request: urlify description and fix javascript injection.
  • Fixed some missing IP extraction for action logger.
  • Fixed bug with log_delete hook didn't properly store user who triggered delete action.
  • Fixed show as raw link for private gists.
  • Fixes issue #860. IMC web commits poisoned caches when they failed with commit.
  • Fixes issue #856 file upload >1000 bytes on windows throws exception.