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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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|RCE| 2.0.1 |RNS|


  • released 2013-08-14


  • Create Pull-request button is visible for all logged in users, not only for those with a created repo permission set.
  • New UI on repository groups, now consistent with other views.
  • UI improvements on pull request reviewers.
  • Repository admin can revoke reviewers from pull requests.
  • Super admins can directly edit groups/users at permission box.
  • Links in footer point to website and new support pages.


  • Fixed download button size.
  • Fixed empty dot occuring on page titles when no site customization was set.
  • Fixed issue #893, some static resources were called without url() leading to bad address when used with proxy prefix.
  • Fixed missing external values from user forms.
  • Fixed one Git call in pygrack that defaulted to hardcoded 'git' instead of customized path from RhodeCode settings.
  • Fixed issue with html on revoke buttons on pull request reviewers.
  • Fixed all occurences of bad permission check that didn't allow repository admins to do certain actions. Only global admins could run them.
  • Fixed gist url filtering for public gists.
  • Newly registered users now default to 'rhodecode' as authentication type.
  • Bumped Waitress version that allows setting asyncore_use_poll in settings to overcome 1024 open sockets limit with default select() implementation.