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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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|RCE| 3.0.0 |RNS|

As |RCE| 3.0 is a big release, the release notes have been split into the following sections:


  • Released 2015-01-27
  • Basic |svn| support added
  • GPLv3 components removed
  • Server/Client architecture for VCS systems created
  • Python 2.5 and 2.6 support deprecated
  • Server info pages now show gist/archive cache storage, and also CPU/Memory/Load information.
  • Added new bulk commit (changeset) status comment form into compare view which enables bulk code-reviews without opening a pull-request.
  • License checks and limits now only apply to active users.
  • Removed CLI command for |repo| scans as it can be done via an API call.
  • VCS backends can be globally enabled/disabled from the :file:`rhodecode.ini` file.
  • Added a UI option to set default rendering to rst or markdown.
  • Added syntax highlighting to 2 way compare diff.
  • Markup rendering can now render checkboxes for easy checklists generation.
  • Gravatars are now retina ready.
  • Admins can define custom CSS or JavaScript in the header or footer via new pre/post code options.
  • Replaced graph.js with commits-graph.js html5 implementation.
  • Added editable owner field for repository groups, and user group.
  • Added an option to detach/delete user repositories when deleting users from the system.
  • Added a Supervisor control page that shows status of processes.
  • User admin grid can now filter by username OR email.
  • Added personal |repo| group link for easier fork creation.
  • Added support for using subdirectories when creating and uploading new files.
  • Added option to rename a file from the web interface.
  • Added arrow key navigation to file filter and fixed the back button behaviour.
  • Added fuzzy matching to file filter.
  • Added functionality to create folder structures along with files when adding content via the web interface.
  • Separated default permissions UI into global, user, or object permissions management.
  • Added an inheritance flag to object permissions which allows for explicit permissions which disregard global permissions.
  • Added post create repository group hook.
  • Added trigger push hooks on online file editor.
  • Added default title for pull request.
  • More detailed logs during Authentication.
  • More explicit logging when permission checks occur.
  • Switched the implementation of |git| fetch clone pull checkout commands to pure |py| without any subprocess calls.
  • Introduced the rcserver command for custom development.
  • Added the ability to force no cache archived via the GET no_cache flag


  • CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) tokens now in all pages that use forms.
  • The clone_url field is now AES encrypted inside the database.
  • ACLs (Access Control Lists) are checked on the gist edit page for logged in users.
  • New repository groups and repositories are created with 0755 permissions and not not 0777.
  • Explicit RSS tokens are used for the RSS journal, when leaked, limits access to RSS only.
  • Fixed XSS issues when rendering raw SVG files.
  • Added force password reset option for users.
  • IP list now accepts comma-separated values, and also ranges using - to specify multiple addresses.
  • Added auth tokens, these authentication tokens can be used as an alternative to passwords.
  • Added roles (http, api, rss, all, vcs) into authentication tokens (previously called apikeys).
  • LDAP Group Support added.
  • Added JASIG CAS auth plugin support.
  • Added a plugin parameter that defines if a plugin can create new users on the fly.


  • Added permissions delegation when creating |repos| or |repo| groups.
  • Added strip support for |hg| and |git| |repos|.
  • Added comments API for commits.
  • Added add/remove methods for extra fields in repositories.
  • get_* calls now use permission() and permission_user_group() methods for unified permissions structure.
  • get_repo_nodes information sending has changed and is no longer a boolean flag, it's now basic or full.
  • Due to configurable backends repo_type is now mandatory parameter for the create_repo call.


  • Significant performance improvements across all application functions.
  • HTTP Authentication performance enhancements.
  • Added a scope variable to the permissions fetching function which improves building permission trees in large amounts by a factor of 10.
  • Implemented caching logic for all authentication plugins. The AUTH_CACHE_TTL = <int> property now allow you to set the cache in seconds.

Pull Requests

  • Pull requests can be now updated and merged from the web interface
  • Fixed creating a Mercurial |pr| from a bookmark.
  • Forbid closing pull requests when calculated status is different that the approved or rejected version.
  • Properly display calculated pull request review status on listing page.
  • Disable delete comment button if |pr| is closed.


  • New UI based on grids with filtering.
  • Super-admins can see all gists.
  • Gists can now be created with a custom names.


  • General: fixed issues with dependent objects, such as users in user groups. Cleaning up these dependent objects is now done in a safe way.
  • General: deleting a user group from settings > advanced will use force removal and cleanup from all associations.
  • General: fixed issue with filter proxy middleware it's now more error prone.
  • General: fixed issues with unable to create fork inside a group.
  • General: fixed bad logic in ext_json lib, that checked bool on microseconds, in case it was 0 bool it returned False.
  • General: authors in annotation mode shows authors of current source, not from all history (that is in normal mode)
  • Permissions: fix issue when inherit flag for user group stopped working after initial permissions set.
  • |git|: fixed shallow clones.
  • |git|: added \n into the service line of |git| protocol. It is in the specifications and some python clients require this.
  • |hg|: fix thread safety for mercurial in-memory commits.
  • Windows: fixed issue with shebang and env headers.
  • MySQL: fixed database fields with 256 char length with added indexes. Mysql had problems with them.
  • Database: fixed bad usage of matching using ILIKE. Previously it could happen that if you had marcin_1@rhodecode.com and marcin_2@rhodecode.com emails, using marcin_@rhodecode.com would match both.
  • VCS: fixed issues with double new lines on the commit patches.
  • VCS: repository locking now requires write permission to repository. If we allowed locking with read, people can lock repository without an option to unlock it.
  • Models: removed the isdigit call that can create issues when names are actually numbers on fetching objects.
  • Files: Fix bug with show authors in annotate view.
  • Hooks: truncate excessive commit lists on post_push hook.
  • Hooks: in |git|, support added to set the default branch if it is not master.
  • Notifications: now can be marked as read when you are not admin.
  • Notifications: marking all notifications as read will hide the counter.
  • Frontend: fixed branch-tag switcher multiple ajax calls.
  • Repository group: |repo| group owners can now change group settings even if they don't have access to top-level permissions.
  • Repositories: if you set Fork of in advanced repository settings it will now only show valid repositories with the same type.