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files: fixed unicode problems in specially encoded paths handler.
files: fixed unicode problems in specially encoded paths handler.

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|RCE| 3.2.0 |RNS|


  • 2015-04-08


  • Administration: Improved the logging and rendering of tracebacks from the VCS Server. The logging configuration in the INI file should be updated. For information about these parts of |RCE|, see :ref:`vcs-server`, and :ref:`debug-mode`.
  • Administration: Added the ability to set a per user language.
  • Gists: Added an option to restrict gists to logged in users only.
  • Pull requests: Reviewer status is reset after after an update.
  • Pull requests: Improved logging during an update.
  • Pull requests: Added various hooks around the life-cycle and review status changes of a |pr|.
  • Security: Support added for bcrypt on Windows systems.
  • Style: Added headers to tables which display commits, e.g. the changelog.
  • Style: Redesigned the compare page for multiple commits.
  • Style: Redesigned the error pages.
  • Style: Redesigned the file details page.
  • Style: Redesigned the summary pages of |repos|.
  • Style: Improved the details form for managing authentication plugins.
  • VCS Server: Robust push and pull operations if the VCSServer is restarted.


  • Administration: :ref:`remap-rescan` could cause issues with empty |repo| groups.
  • Administration: Fix edit of an existing issue tracker entry.
  • Comments: Allow to delete comments on regular commits.
  • Comments: Fix batch comment functionality on the compare page.
  • Diffs: Improve diff parser to better recognize special file names.
  • |git|: Avoid errors when pushing into an empty |git| repository.
  • File edit: Avoid internal server error for file edits on branches which are not the default branch.
  • Pull requests: Show initial pull request comment.
  • Security: Escape repository description to avoid XSS like vulnerabilities.
  • Setup: Allow to setup a new system even with expired trial license.
  • Style: Fixed styling of repository extra fields.
  • Style: Fixed display issues on the file page when a line is selected and the history buttons are used to navigate back and forth.
  • Style: Improve the display of the commit message on the file details page.
  • Style: Improve :guilabel:`My Account` page for email addresses.
  • Style: Improve :guilabel:`My Account` page for external user accounts, e.g. LDAP
  • Style: Improve transition from file list to file details.
  • Style: Remove light font face for improved readability on Windows.