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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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|RCE| 3.3.0 |RNS|


  • 2015-05-18


  • Administration: Clean up |repo| groups which have been deleted on the file system.
  • Docs: Overhaul the section about integrations and extensions.
  • Docs: Document how to configure the file .rhoderc
  • Docs: Extend the documentation about the usage of Gunicorn and horizontal scaling.
  • Docs: Document that we don't support the |git| dump protocol and provide a workaround for very old servers.
  • General: Decouple from external links to allow easier maintenance.
  • Pull requests: Show a warning message if the commits are missing in the source |repo| and suggest suitable next steps.
  • Pull requests: New lab setting which enables the invalidation of inline comments during an update; currently all comments are invalidated.
  • Pull requests: Add keyboard shortcut g p to navigate to the |prs| page of the current |repo|.
  • Pull requests: Send notifications when a new reviewer is added to a |pr|.
  • Pull requests: Show information about the target of a |pr|.
  • Pull requests: Show progress after clicking the button "Update" on a |pr|.
  • Pull requests: Show a more informative flash message after a successful update of a |pr|.
  • Style: Unify how gravatars are displayed for a more consistent look.
  • Style: Better display of the |pr| page in smaller browser windows for IE.
  • Style: Better alignment of the status indicator in the list of reviewers of a |pr|.
  • UX: Add flash message if a |repo| has been deleted in the file system.
  • UX: Consistent usage of |authtoken| in the settings section.
  • UX: Better help message for the authentication plugins configuration.
  • VCSServer: Add support for an external configuration file.


  • API: Multiple fixes for the call update_repo_group, adjusting parent path if a new parent is specified and allow to update the owner.
  • API: Fix the handling of boolean values in the call create_repo.
  • API: Fix usage of the parameter password in the call create_user.
  • API: Make the call strip more robust.
  • Auth: Better support for the parameter "Base DN" in the plugin auth_ldap_group.
  • Auth: Avoid concurrency issue when forking a |repo| and celery is enabled.
  • Compare: Avoid duplication of diff content in the case of commit range comparison.
  • DB: Improve Pullrequest.revisions to work even for empty |prs|.
  • DB: Avoid extremely large varchar columns for MySQL and MariaDB
  • Files: Fix an issue around "Compare to revision" for diffs which are bigger than the per file limit.
  • Files: Present submodules with an absolute URL as real links.
  • |Repo| settings: Allow to rename |svn| |repos|.
  • Search: |Repo| search allows to use uppercase characters in |repo| names.
  • Style: Gist header alignment issues fixed.
  • Style: Line heights in side by side diff display improved.
  • UX: Hide "Add comments" button if the comments form is already open.
  • UX: Fix links of bookmarks and tags on the overview pages.
  • VCSServer: More robust locale handling.