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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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|RCE| 3.5.0 |RNS|

Release Date

  • 2015-08-12

Pull Requests

  • Added full support for pre_push and post_push hooks, which ensures |repo| locking is respected when using the server side merging of |prs|.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling of diffs.
  • Improved the links of the pull request source and target references.
  • Properly escape the names of added reviewers to prevent code injection.
  • Fixed journal entries after a merge to provide a more complete history.
  • Replaced the comment text area with a more dynamic component.
  • Data now loads for :guilabel:`@mention` asynchronously.
  • Added a shortcut, :kbd:`Ctrl Space`, to set the review status out of the comment area.


  • Diffs: Unify the display and functionality around diffs in pull requests, commit pages, compare pages, and file diff pages.
  • Files: Improved the structure of the Add file, Upload file, Edit file, and Delete file pages.
  • General: Bundle the LDAP bindings in Windows builds.
  • General: Add a new page, User profile, which displays information about a user.
  • General: The navigation and sub-navigation are fully based on click events.
  • General: Updated the front end component for comments and side-by-side diffs to the latest version.
  • Logging: The logger JSONRPC got renamed to reflect the module name, the new name is rhodecode.controllers.api.base
  • Security: |RCE| now uses os.urandom as a source for generating the authentication tokens.
  • Settings: Adjusted the Edit user and Edit my account pages to be consistent with the new User profile page.
  • Style: User names linked to the new user profile page.
  • Style: Adjusted the colors in flash messages to better integrate with the rest of the application.
  • Style: Consistently applied a small border radius to the rendering of files.
  • SVN: Basic support to handle Subversion client requests which can be enabled based on a lab setting.
  • SVN: Installed basic hooks into new and migrated Subversion repositories.

VCS Server

  • Fixed the error during re-connection after a restart of the VCS Server.
  • Made the streaming of data from subprocess calls more solid.


  • Auth: Fixed user name logged as None in the authentication component.
  • Diffs: Fixed a potential internal server error if diff contains binary files.
  • Diffs: |RCE| now expands all content by default.
  • General: Fixed an exceptions in the logging system around the permission validator and on the system info page.
  • General: Avoid internal server error if unknown error documents are requested.
  • General: Keep get parameters after a login redirection.
  • Gists: Fixed header in Gists tables.
  • Repository: Fixed a problem around archiving repositories which contain non-ascii characters in their name.
  • Repository: Show the locked state of a repository if it has been locked manually via the web interface.
  • Repository: Better rendering of the :file:`README` file on the summary page, especially with very long lines.
  • Repository: Avoid internal server error if filtering with a wrong branch name.
  • VCS: Fixed the handling of branch and tag names with special characters.


  • More consistent display of form controls in IE8.
  • Improve navigation display for IE8.
  • Fixed the disabled state of the :guilabel:`Create personal user group` button in the advanced user settings.
  • Corrected the position of flash messages.
  • Fixed a small display issue around the avatar image in the users table.
  • Fixed spacing in the head of the Add Gist form.
  • Fixed help text in permissions form.
  • Fixed the case for various action links.
  • Adjusted the color of action links which delete or remove objects to red.
  • Improved vertical alignment inside of various tabular displays.