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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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|RCE| 3.6.0 |RNS|

Release Date

  • 2015-10-19

Pull Requests

  • The :guilabel:`Inline Comments` notification now links to the first inline comment, enabling faster comment navigation.
  • Added a link to inline comments which links to the the previous and next one, enabling faster comment navigation.
  • Pull request handling has been made more robust to avoid an internal server error after an update which had commits removed or stripped from the repository.

User Experience

  • Consistent date display in the list of |repo| forks, multi-commit compare view.
  • Consistent sorting of the permissions box on the various settings pages.
  • A yellow indicator has been added to highlight the selected inline comment on a pull request.
  • The expand button for commit messages now works to minimize also.
  • Language improvements on various settings pages to clarify user options.
  • Consistent sorting of |repo| permissions so that it is easier to find specific users for |repos| which have many permission entries.


  • Added a new API call get_license_info which provides details about the current license to automate processing.
  • Added a new API call set_license_key which allows the license key to be set via the API.


  • General: Updated the hgsubversion module to prepare for the update to a more recent |hg| version.
  • General: Added an overview of external dependencies and their licenses.
  • Repository: Link Git submodules if they point to a full URL.
  • Settings: Extend the internal settings handling to prepare for per repository settings.

VCS Server

  • VCS Server: Support IPv6 addresses in the VCS Server configuration.
  • VCS Server: Prepare for the Mercurial update to version 3.5.


  • Admin: Fill default values in the :guilabel:`Global permissions` form for user settings.
  • Admin: Improve the issue tracker form patterns, especially when editing an existing pattern.
  • Admin: Bring back the :guilabel:`Admin` column into the users overview. Use symbols for both Boolean states.
  • Auth: Avoid querying all groups when using LDAP.
  • Compare: Do not offer the comment button if the comparison is empty.
  • DB: Migrate the locking information for repositories to a three tuple for old entries.
  • DB: Add tables to support per repository settings.
  • Diff: Remove link from context lines in diffs.
  • Files: Preview functionality when editing RST files.
  • General: Avoid logging an error if a commit with a not existing hash is requested.
  • General: Fix scrolling to inline comments for Firefox browsers based on the anchor from the URL.
  • Gist: Fix display in IE8 for very long lines.
  • Git: Support branch names which include /.
  • Repository: Keep line breaks in the repository description.
  • Search: Fix an issue around the highlighting of search results. Sometimes matches were not highlighted when there were multiple matches in one line.


  • Fixed overlapped displaying of notifications when a new user registers an account.
  • Consistent display of labels for version control tags.
  • Better alignment of the changelog graph.
  • Fix rendering of the avatar images on IE9.
  • Adjust the button style on the user profile edit page.
  • Consistent styling of :guilabel:`Delete` buttons.
  • Changelog graph for Subversion repositories was not aligned well.
  • Changelog filter button style corrected.
  • Adjust link colors in password forgotten form.
  • Alignment of file names in diffs.
  • Adjust the alignment of the permission summary title for user groups.
  • Adjust the colour of form labels in the login and register forms.
  • Remove the scroll bars from text areas in IE9.