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files: fixed unicode problems in specially encoded paths handler.
files: fixed unicode problems in specially encoded paths handler.

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|RCE| 3.7.1 |RNS|

Release Date

  • 2015-12-10


Removed logging of masked authentication tokens completely. This prevents potentially logging parts of a user's password if they are not using tokens.


  • Created the ability for |RCE| to auto-detect |hg| |repos| which require the Largefiles extension during Remap and Rescan operations.
  • Allow the admin of a repository group to change the group's settings even if he/she does not have admin permission for the parent |repo| group.


Fixed support for non-ascii characters in passwords when authenticating using external authentication tools such as LDAP.

Pull Requests

  • Fixed an issue when merging Mercurial pull requests which are not based on branch names.
  • Fixed generated URL creation when |RCE| is running under a URL prefix.


Fixed streaming issues when using Gunicorn based setups.

User Experience

Improved avatar rendering stability. Especially in the case of an invalid email address being used with an external authentication backend.