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files: fixed unicode problems in specially encoded paths handler.
files: fixed unicode problems in specially encoded paths handler.

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|RCE| 3.8.0 |RNS|

Release Date

  • 2016-02-10


  • Mercurial: Added an option to avoid a loop when the password is wrong during VCS operations. This prevents accounts in external systems being locked due to too many login attempts from Mercurial. See the :ref:`hg-auth-loop` section for more details.
  • Auth: Speed improvements in the permission calculation of API calls.


  • Added a new method, update_pull_request, which allows users to update a pull request using the API.


  • Support for Internet Explorer 9 ends with this release.

Pull Requests

  • Added functionality that now automatically fills the title and description fields based on the forks or branches involved, and the commit messages.
  • Added a new URL endpoint which redirects to the pull request page for a given pull request ID. This is intended to support automation of specific work flows. The URL is /pull_requests/<pull_request_id>.
  • Removed the :guilabel:`Close Pull Request` button. This functionality is still available in the status drop-down menu below the comment box.
  • Improved the merge logic so that merges on the same branch are possible even if the reference type is not a branch, e.g. bookmark, tag, or a raw commit ID.
  • Escaped the description field to prevent potential XSS attacks.



  • Diff: Fixed display issues around side-by-side diffs.
  • Diff: The side-by-side diff has been enhanced. Small arrows now allow you to jump to the next or previous change, and an editor mode is available as a helper for complex diffs.


  • Files: Allow users to add empty files through the web interface.
  • Files: Do not prompt users without write permissions to add files to an empty repository.
  • Files: Prevent submitting multiple times when editing a file.
  • Files: Render files with the extension :file:`.txt` as plain text.
  • Files: Use the correct file name extension for markdown files.


  • Journal: Fixed display issues in the admin journal.
  • Journal: Improved the display of query examples for the search feature.


  • License: The amount of active users is now shown on the license page and provides the ability to disable users in bulk mode.


  • Repository group: The buttons to add a repository or a repository group are now displayed only if the user has those permissions for the current repository group.
  • Repository: A more informative message is now displayed in case a Mercurial repository depends on the largefiles extension, but this extension is not enabled.
  • Repository: Fixed the loading of the commit summary to avoid an additional page reload.


  • Style: The text alignment around the settings area was improved.
  • Style: IE10 no longer shows a wrong background color in the select widgets.
  • Style: Small corrections in the navigation around the :guilabel:`My Account` menu.
  • Style: Consistent display of user names in tabular lists of repositories and repository groups.
  • Style: Adjust the help text around the gravatar in the profile page.
  • Style: Added consistent use of the term Commit instead of a mix of Changeset and Revision.
  • Style: Restrict the value for custom branding to 40 characters.
  • Style: Consistent rendering of markdown content.
  • Subversion: Display the clone URL as read only and show a detailed help message for Subversion repositories if the HTTP proxy for write access is not enabled.


  • Logging: Added logging details about the added and removed users when a user group is updated.
  • Logging: Removed excessive error logging when detecting the server address.
  • Logging: Improvements to avoid an early import of Pyro4, this is important for advanced setups using asynchronous workers.

VCS Server

  • VCS Server: Keep the remote traceback in case of a remote exception. This results in more precise information in the log files and helps to track down problems easier.
  • VCS Server: Only write a PID file if requested via the command line.
  • VCS Server: Explicitly close file descriptors for Git based operations to avoid a potential leak of file descriptors.



  • Admin: Fixed a bug that disallowed admins from deleting users which had entries in the IP whitelist.


  • Compare: Return a 404 Not Found when comparing a missing commit. This makes it consistent with the unified diff.
  • Compare: Various fixes around the selection of the source and target commit.


  • General: Allow admins to inject the initial API key in setup_rhodecode. This simplifies the bootstrapping of automated setups.
  • General: Added the pool_recycle option to the example :file:`.ini` file.
  • General: Updated CodeMirror to 5.4.0.
  • General: Speed improvements in multiple places which allow users to select a repository or a repository group.
  • Repository: Increase the maximum size for repository names and the clone URL to prevent problems in deeply nested structures.
  • General: Avoid invalid email addresses causing issues when rendering avatar images when external authentication modules are used.


  • Repository: Enable the Mercurial largefiles extension during the run of Remap & Rescan. This detects largefiles repositories and adds them to the system.
  • Repository: Robust forking of Mercurial repositories which depend on the largefiles extension in cases where this extension is not globally enabled.
  • Repository: Made the query of very large commit sets more robust on MySQL. This affects cases when more than 500 commits are involved.


  • Settings: Save the correct value when disabling largefiles for a repository.
  • Settings: Add misdirection to external links in the issue tracker settings.
  • Settings: Avoid a jumping lock button in the case of a validation error being displayed.
  • Settings: Speed up the repository settings by delaying the query for the fork selection element.