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files: fixed unicode problems in specially encoded paths handler.
files: fixed unicode problems in specially encoded paths handler.

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|RCE| 4.13.0 |RNS|

Release Date

  • 2018-09-05

New Features

  • Branch permissions: new set of permissions were added to control branch modification. There are 4 basic permissions that can be set for branch names/branch patterns: * no-access (any modification for given branch is forbidden) * web-merge (modify branch by web based PR merge) * push (only non-forced modification on branch are allowed) * forced push (all modification to branch are allowed) Available in EE edition only.
  • Unified search and repo-switcher: a new persistent search box is now present allowing to search for repositories, repository groups, commits (using full text search), users, user-groups. Replaces redundant quick-filters/repo switcher.
  • Default Reviewers: added possibility to match against regex based pattern as alternative syntax to glob which didn't handle all the cases.
  • Built-in Error tracker: added new exception tracking capability. All errors are now tracked and stored. This allows instance admins to see potential problems without access to the machine and logs.
  • User Groups: each user group which users have access to expose public profile link. It's possible to view the members of a group before attaching it to any resource.
  • New caching framework: existing Beaker cache was completely replaced by dogpile.cache library. This new cache framework in addition to solving multiple performance/reliability problems of Beaker is used to cache permissions tree. This gives huge performance boosts for very large and complex permission trees.
  • Pull Requests: description field is now allowed to use a RST/Markdown syntax.
  • SVN: added support for SVN 1.10 release line.


  • Google: updated google auth plugin with latest API changes.
  • Frontend: Switched to Polymer 2.0.
  • Events: added a default timeout for operation calling the endpoint url, so they won't block forever.
  • SQLAlchemy: allow DB connection ping/refresh using dedicated flag from .ini file. sqlalchemy.db1.ping_connection = true
  • Pull Requests: added option to force-refresh merge workspace in case of problems. Adding GET param ?force_refresh=1 into PR page triggers the refresh.
  • Pull Requests: show more info about version of comment vs latest version.
  • Diffs: skip line numbers during copy from a diff view.
  • License: use simple cache to read license info. Due to the complex and expensive encryption, this reduces requests time by ~10ms.
  • Debug: add new custom logging to track unique requests across systems. Allows tracking single requests in very busy system by unique ID added into logging system.
  • Configuration: .ini files now can replace a special placeholders e.g "{ENV_NAME}" into a value from the ENVIRONMENT. Allows easier setup in Docker and similar.
  • Backend: don't support vcsserver.scm_app anymore, now it uses http even if scm_app is specified.
  • Repositories: re-order creation/fork forms for better UX and consistency.
  • UI: Add the number of inactive users in _admin/users and _admin/user_groups
  • UX: updated registration form to better indicate what is the process of binding a RhodeCode account with external one like Google.
  • API: pull-requests allow automatic title generation via API
  • VCSServer: errors: use a better interface to track exceptions and tracebacks.
  • VCSServer: caches: replaced beaker with dogpile cache.
  • GIT: use GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM for better compatibility on NFS servers.
  • Dependencies: bumped mercurial to 4.6.2
  • Dependencies: bumped evolve to 8.0.1
  • Dependencies: bumped hgsubversion to 1.9.2
  • Dependencies: bumped git version to 2.16.4
  • Dependencies: bumped SVN to 1.10.2
  • Dependencies: added alternative pymysql drivers for mysql
  • NIX: updated to 18.03 nix packages, now shipped with python 2.7.15 release and multiple other new libraries.


  • Mercurial: general protocol security updates. * Fixes Mercurial's CVE for lack of permissions checking on mercurial batch commands. * Introduced more strict checks for permissions, now they default to push instead of pull. * Decypher batch commands and pick top-most permission to be required. * This follows changes in Mercurial CORE after 4.6.1 release.
  • Fixed bug in bleach sanitizer allowing certain custom payload to bypass it. Now we always fails if sanitizing fails. This could lead to stored XSS
  • Fixed stored XSS in binary file rendering.
  • Fixed stored XSS in repo forks datagrid.


  • Permissions: Permission trees for users and now cached, after calculation. This reduces response time for some pages dramatically. In case of any permission changes caches are invalidated.
  • Core: new dogpile.cache based cache framework was introduced, which is faster than previously used Beaker.


  • Audit Logs: store properly IP for certain events.
  • External Auth: pass along came_from into the url so we get properly redirected back after logging using external auth provider.
  • Pull Requests: lock submit on pull request to prevent double submission on a fast click.
  • Pull Requests: fixed a case of unresolved comments attached to removed file in pull request. That prevented from closing it.
  • Pull Requests: use numeric repo id for creation of shadow repos. Fixes a problem when repository is renamed during PR lifetime.
  • API: fixed creation of a pull request with default reviewer rules.
  • Default Reviewers: fixed voting rule calculation on user group.
  • Pull Requests: in GIT use force fetch and update for target ref. This solves a case when in PR a target repository is force updated (by push force) and is out of sync.
  • VCSServer: detect early potential locale problem, and fallback to LC_ALL=C, instead of crashing vcsserver.
  • Pull Requests: use a safer way of destroying shadow repositories. Fixes some problems in NFS storage and big repositories

Upgrade notes

  • The direct backend vcsserver.scm_app is not supported anymore. This backed was already deprecated some time ago. Now it will use http mode even if scm_app is specified. Please contact us in case you still use it, and not sure how to upgrade.
  • New dogpile cache settings are not ported to converted .ini. If users want to do adjustments please copy the settings over dogpile cache section from a newly generated rhodecode.template.ini file. This file is stored next to rhodecode.ini
  • SVN 1.10.2 was introduced in this release. Please make sure to update your mod_dav to the same version for best compatibility.
  • This release brings new Database drivers. We discovered that in some setups it is now required to explicitly define a encoding charset in the database connection string. If you're getting a permanent exception such as "UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xfc in position 15: invalid start byte" please follow a fix from here: https://community.rhodecode.com/t/unicodedecodeerror-utf8-codec-cant-decode-byte-0xfc-in-position-15-invalid-start-byte/246