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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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|RCE| 4.13.2 |RNS|

Release Date

  • 2018-09-18

New Features

  • audit-logs: add audit logs for branch permissions.


  • svn: properly handle credentials from URL during remote repository import.
  • svn: use more detailed logs/errors so exception_tracker can show it with details.
  • svn: use streaming uploads/downloads of files.
  • svn: use shared configurable storage for svn_txn_id interception logic.
  • celery: use exception_tracker to store tasks exceptions for easier debugging.




  • exception_tracker: use a default value of exception store that is working across all instances e.g vcsserver and enterprise. This fixed problem with usage in cluster type setup.
  • Comments: fixed problem with audit-logs receiving a empty value in certain conditions resulting in 500 error on commenting.
  • Branch Permissions: during creation of rule add special check for existing entries to prevent duplicates if two users edit branch permissions at the same time.

Upgrade notes

  • Scheduled release addressing reported problems, and improving stability.