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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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|RCE| 4.16.0 |RNS|

Release Date

  • 2019-02-15

New Features

  • Full-text search: added support for ElasticSearch 6.X (ES6)
  • Full-text search: Expose a quick way to search within repository groups using ES6.
  • Full-text search: Add quick links to broaden/narrow search scope to repositories or repository groups from global search.
  • Full-text search: ES6 backend adds new highlighter, and search markers for better UX when searching.
  • Full-text search: ES6 backend has enabled advanced query string syntax adding more search and filtering capabilities.
  • Full-text search: ES6 engine will now show added information where available such as line numbers file size.
  • Files: added option to use highlight marker to show keywords inside file source. This is used now for ES6 backend extended highlighting capabilities
  • Artifacts (beta): EE edition exposes new feature called storage_api this allows storing binary files outside of Version Control System, but in the scope of a repository or group. This will soon become an Artifacts functionality available in EE edition.
  • User bookmarks: added customizable Bookmark links for logged in users. RhodeCode users can now optionally set upto 10 favorites links to repositories, repository groups, CI linkes, or any other generic links.
  • Authentication: introduced User restriction and Scope restriction for RhodeCode authentication plugins. Admins can limit usage of RhodeCode plugins to super-admins user types, and usage in Web, or VCS protocol only. This is mostly to help to migrate users to SAML, keeping the super-admins to manage instances via local-logins, and secondly to force usage of AuthenticationTokens instead of re-using same credentials for WEB and VCS authentication.
  • API: added basic upload API for the storage_api. It's possible to store files using internal API. This is a start for attachments upload in RhodeCode.
  • API: added store_exception_api for remote exception storage. This is used by a new indexer that will report any problems back into the RhodeCode instance in case of indexing problems.
  • API: added function to fetch comments for a repository.
  • Quick search: improve the styling of search input and results.
  • Pull requests: allowed to select all forks and parent forks of target repository in creation UI. This is a common workflow supported by GitHub etc.


  • Users/Repositories/Repository groups: expose IDs of those objects in advanced views. Useful for API calls or usage in ishell.
  • UI: moved repo group select next to the name as it's very relevant to each other.
  • Pull requests: increase the stability of concurrent pull requests created.
  • Pull requests: introduced operation state for pull requests to prevent from locks during merge/update operations in concurrent busy environments.
  • Pull requests: ensure that merge response provide more details about failed operations.
  • UI / Files: expose downloads options onto files view similar as in summary page.
  • Repositories: show hooks version and update link in the advanced section of repository page.
  • Events: trigger 'review_status_change' in all cases when reviewers are changed influencing review status.
  • Files: display submodules in a sorted way, equal to how Directories are sorted.
  • API: fetching all pull-requests now sorts the results and exposed a flag to show/hide the merge result state for faster result fetching.
  • API: merge_pull_request expose detailed merge message in the merge operation next to numeric merge response code.
  • API: added possibility to specify owner to create_pull_request API.
  • SSH: Added ability to disable server-side SSH key generation to enforce users generated SSH keys only outside of the server.
  • Integrations: allow PUT method for WebHook integration.
  • Dependencies: bumped git to 2.19.2 release.
  • Dependencies: dropped pygments-markdown-lexer as it's natively supported by pygments now.
  • Dependencies: bumped pyramid to 1.10.1
  • Dependencies: bumped pastedeploy to 2.0.1
  • Dependencies: bumped pastescript to 3.0.0
  • Dependencies: bumped pathlib2 to 2.3.3
  • Dependencies: bumped webob to 1.8.4
  • Dependencies: bumped iso8601 to 0.1.12
  • Dependencies: bumped more-itertools to 5.0.0
  • Dependencies: bumped psutil to 5.4.8
  • Dependencies: bumped pyasn1 to 0.4.5
  • Dependencies: bumped pygments to 2.3.1
  • Dependencies: bumped pyramid-debugtoolbar to 4.5.0
  • Dependencies: bumped subprocess32 to 3.5.3
  • Dependencies: bumped supervisor to 3.3.5
  • Dependencies: bumped dogpile.cache to 0.7.1
  • Dependencies: bumped simplejson to 3.16.0
  • Dependencies: bumped gevent to 1.4.0
  • Dependencies: bumped configparser to 3.5.1


  • Fork page: don't expose fork origin link if we don't have permission to access this repository. Additionally don't pre-select such repository in pull request ref selector.
  • Security: fix possible XSS in the issue tracker URL.
  • Security: sanitize plaintext renderer with bleach, preventing XSS in rendered html.
  • Audit logs: added audit logs for API permission calls.


  • Summary page: don't load repo size when showing expanded information about repository. Size calculation needs to be triggered manually.
  • Git: use rev-list for fetching last commit data in case of single commit history. In some cases, it is much faster than previously used git log command.


  • Installer: fixed 32bit package builds broken in previous releases.
  • Git: use iterative fetch to prevent errors about too many arguments on synchronizing very large repositories.
  • Git: pass in the SSL dir that is exposed from wire for remote GIT commands.
  • LDAP+Groups: improve logging, and fix the case when extracting group name from LDAP returned nothing. We should warn about that, but not FAIL on login.
  • Default reviewers: fixed submodule support in picking reviewers from annotation for files.
  • Hooks: handle non-ascii characters in hooks new pull-requests open template.
  • Diffs: fixed missing limited diff container display on over-size limit diffs.
  • Diffs: fixed 500 error in case of some very uncommon diffs containing only Unicode characters.
  • Repositories: handle VCS backend unavailable correctly in advanced settings for the repository.
  • Remap & rescan: prevent empty/damaged repositories to break the remap operation.
  • Visual: fixed show revision/commit length settings.
  • Mercurial submodules: only show submodule in the path that it belongs too. Before even submodules from root node were shown in subdirectories.
  • UI/Files: fixed icons in file tree search.
  • WebHook integration: quote URL variables to prevent URL errors with special chars like # in the title.
  • API: pull-requests, fixed invocation of merge as another user.
  • VCS: limit fd leaks on subprocessio calls.
  • VCS: expose SSL certificate path over the wire to the vcsserver, this solves some remote SSL import problems reported.

Upgrade notes

This release brings the new Full-text search capabilities using ElasticSearch 6. If you use Elastic Search backend a backward compatibility mode is enabled and ElasticSearch backend defaults to previously used ElasticSearch 2.

To use new features a full index rebuild is required, in addition `--es-version=6` flag needs to be used with indexer and `search.es_version = 6` should be set in rhodecode.ini

Additionally new mapping format is available for the indexer that has additional capabilities for include/exclude rules. Old format should work as well, but we encourage to generate a new mapping.ini file using rhodecode-index command, and migrate your repositories to the new format.

Please refer to the :ref:`indexing-ref` documentation for more details.