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files: fixed unicode problems in specially encoded paths handler.
files: fixed unicode problems in specially encoded paths handler.

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|RCE| 4.18.3 |RNS|

Release Date

  • 2020-03-24

New Features

  • LDAP: added nested user groups sync which was planned in 4.18.X but didn't make it to the release. New option for sync is available in the LDAP configuration.


  • API: added branch permissions functions.
  • Pull requests: added creating indicator to let users know they should wait until PR is creating.
  • Pull requests: allow super-admins to force change state of locked PRs.
  • Users/User groups: in edit mode we now show the actual name of what we're editing.
  • SSH: allow generation of legacy SSH keys for older systems and Windows users.
  • File store: don't response with cookie data on file-store download response.
  • File store: use our own logic for setting content-type. This solves a problem when previously used resolver set different content-type+content-encoding which is an incorrect behaviour.
  • My Account: show info about password usage for external accounts e.g github/google etc We now recommend using auth-tokens instead of actual passwords.
  • Repositories: in description field we now show mention of metatags only if they are enabled.


  • Remote sync: don't expose credentials in displayed URLs. Remote links url had visible credentials displayed in the link. This was used for web-view and not needed anymore.


  • Full text search: significantly improved GIT commit indexing performance by reducing number of calls to the vcsserver.


  • Mercurial: fixed cases of lookup of branches that are exactly 20 character long.
  • SVN: allow legacy (pre SVN 1.7) extraction of post commit data.
  • GIT: use non-unicode author extraction as it's returned as bytes from backend, and we can get an unicode errors while there's some non-ascii characters.
  • GIT: use safe configparser for git submodules to prevent from errors on submodules with % sign.
  • System info: fixed UI problem with new version update info screen.

Upgrade notes

  • Scheduled release addressing problems in 4.18.X releases.