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git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.
git: allow overriding default master branch with an env variable.

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|RCE| 4.23.0 |RNS|

Release Date

  • 2020-11-20

New Features

  • Comments: introduced new draft comments.
    • drafts are private to author
    • not triggering any notifications
    • sidebar doesn't display draft comments
    • They are just placeholders for longer review.
  • Comments: when channelstream is enabled, comments are pushed live, so there's no need to refresh page to see other participant comments. New comments are marker in the sidebar.
  • Comments: multiple changes on comments navigation/display logic.
    • toggle icon is smarter, open/hide windows according to actions. E.g commenting opens threads
    • toggle are mor explicit
    • possible to hide/show only single threads using the toggle icon.
    • new UI for showing thread comments
  • Reviewers: new logic for author/commit-author rules. It's not possible to define if author or commit author should be excluded, or always included in a review.
  • Reviewers: no reviewers would now allow a PR to be merged, unless review rules require some. Use case is that pr can be created without review needed, maybe just for sharing, or CI checks
  • Pull requests: save permanently the state if sorting columns for pull-request grids.
  • Commit ranges: enable combined diff compare directly from range selector.


  • Authentication: enable custom names for auth plugins. It's possible to name the authentication buttons now for SAML plugins.
  • Login: optimized UI for login/register/password reset windows.
  • Repo mapper: make it more resilient to errors, it's better it executes and skip certain repositories, rather then crash whole mapper.
  • Markdown: improved styling, and fixed nl2br extensions to only do br on new elements not inline.
  • Pull requests: show pr version in the my-account and repo pr listing grids.
  • Archives: allowing to obtain archives without the commit short id in the name for better automation of obtained artifacts. New url flag called ?=with_hash=1 controls this
  • Error document: update info about stored exception retrieval.
  • Range diff: enable hovercards for commits in range-diff.



  • Improved logic of repo archive, now it's much faster to run archiver as VCSServer communication was removed, and job is delegated to VCSServer itself.
  • Improved VCSServer startup times.
  • Notifications: skip double rendering just to generate email title/desc. We'll re-use those now for better performance of creating notifications.
  • App: improve logging, and remove DB calls on app startup.


  • Login/register: fixed header width problem on mobile devices
  • Exception tracker: don't fail on empty request in context of celery app for example.
  • Exceptions: improved reporting of unhandled vcsserver exceptions.
  • Sidebar: fixed refresh of TODOs url.
  • Remap-rescan: fixes #5636 initial rescan problem.
  • API: fixed SVN raw diff export. The API method was inconsistent, and used different logic. Now it shares the same code as raw-diff from web-ui.

Upgrade notes

  • Scheduled feature release. Please note that now the reviewers logic changed a bit, it's possible to create a pull request Without any reviewers initially, and such pull request doesn't need to have an approval for merging.