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|RCT| Installation

As of |RCE| 3.4.1 |RCT| is installed automatically on the server with |RCE|. You do not need to install |RCT| on the server, but you will need to install them on machines that need remote access. The tools are linked to the instance folder, for example :file:`~/.rccontrol/{instance-id}/profile/bin`

You can list the available tools using the following example, and the valid tools options are those which correspond with those in the :ref:`rc-tools` section.

$ ls ~/.rccontrol/enterprise-4/profile/bin/

gen_js_i18n    rhodecode-cleanup-gists   rhodecode-tools  svnrdump
gen_js_routes  rhodecode-cleanup-repos   supervisorctl    svnserve
git            rhodecode-config          supervisord      svnsync
gunicorn       rhodecode-extensions      svn              svnversion
hg             rhodecode-gist            svnadmin         vcsserver
paster         rhodecode-index           svndumpfilter
rc-server      rhodecode-list-instances  svnlook
rhodecode-api  rhodecode-setup-config    svnmucc

You can then use the tools as described in the :ref:`rc-tools` section using the following example:

# Running the indexer
$ ~/.rccontrol/enterprise-1/profile/bin/rhodecode-index \

# Cleaning up gists
$ ~/.rccontrol/enterprise-4/profile/bin/rhodecode-cleanup-gists \

Scanning for gists in /home/brian/repos/.rc_gist_store...
preparing to remove [1] found gists

Installing |RCT|

|RCT| enable you to automate many of the most common |RCE| functions through the API. Installing them on a local machine lets you carry out maintenance on the server remotely. Once installed you can use them to index your |repos| to setup full-text search, strip commits, or install RhodeCode Extensions for additional functionality.

For more detailed instructions about using |RCT| for indexing and full-text search, see :ref:`indexing-ref`

To install |RCT|, use the following steps:

  1. Set up a virtualenv on your local machine, see virtualenv instructions here.

  2. Install |RCT| using pip. All downloadable versions of |RCT| are available at: https://code.rhodecode.com/rhodecode-tools-ce/artifacts

    Example installation:

    pip install -I https://code.rhodecode.com/rhodecode-tools-ce/artifacts/download/0-10ac93f4-bb7d-4b97-baea-68110743dd5a.tar.gz

Once |RCT| is installed using these steps there are a few extra configuration changes you can make. These are explained in more detail in the :ref:`indexing-ref` section, and the :ref:`rc-tools` section.

# Create a virtualenv
brian@ubuntu:~$ virtualenv venv
New python executable in venv/bin/python
Installing setuptools, pip...done.

# Activate the virtualenv
brian@ubuntu:~$ . venv/bin/activate

# Install RhodeCode Tools inside the virtualenv, full url with token is available at https://rhodecode.com/u/#rhodecode-tools
$ pip install -I https://dls.rhodecode.com/dls/<token>/rhodecode-tools/latest

# Check the installation
$ rhodecode-tools --help